Philippine News Agency hit for using Dole pineapple logo for DOLE-related write-up

On August 11, the Philippine News Agency published an article about the rules governing holiday pays in 2018 as released by the Department of Labor and Employment, but what made the news controversial is the fact that they used the logo of Dole, the company that processes pineapples.

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According to Rappler, PNA’s latest blunder was posted on its website on August 11, at 7:56pm. Netizens quickly took a screenshot of the mistake. Around two hours later, the PNA replaced the wrong logo with that of the government agency.

At around 11pm on August 11, two hours after it replaced the wrong photo, PNA issued an apology over the mistake, saying that the “accompanying photo was that of Dole Philippines,” admitting that using the wrong logo was a “careless act on the [part of the] PNA editorial staff.”

“In an effort to ensure that all stories are accompanied by a photo, the staff inadvertently attached the wrong photo rather than the logo of the Department of Labor and Employment,” said the PNA’s statement.
“Rest assured appropriate action is being taken in pursuit of the delivery of accurate information to our readers. Our apologies,” it added.

On August 6, the PNA was also in hot water for publishing a commentary article from the Xinhua News Agency, China’s state news agency, which described the Hague ruling as an “ill-founded award.” Netizens criticized the PNA for seemingly echoing China’s claims over the West Philippine Sea. Communications Secretary Martin Andanar has asked the state news agency to explain “why [it] should not be held liable for any administrative charges.”

The PNA was also criticized for using a Vietnam war photo in its Marawi-related article and for publishing a fake article about how 95 UN member states were convinced that there were no cases of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.

In reaction to the use of their logo, Dole PH’s Facebook page reportedly threw shade at the PNA.

The Twitterverse reacted to PNA’s latest blunder.

“In another cock-up, PNA used the logo of Dole Pineapple for DOLE. Dutertenomics is now Dutertedelmontekitchenomics where everything is piña,” AltAsecMargauxUson tweeted.

Singer/activist Jim Paredes also weighed in on the issue.

“What does PNA stand for? Pro China News Agency or Pineapple News Agency? 2 strikes na kayo this week,” Paredes tweeted.

Former national security adviser Roilo Golez is asking if Dole and Xinhua are paying the PNA.

“PNA getting fees from DOLE Pineapple and Xinhua??” he tweeted.

One Twitter user has this theory: “Feeling ko yung nagpost ng wrong DOLE logo sa PNA ay galit sa boss nya or ayaw na sa work nya. Haha.”

Another one noted the possibility that the next mistake would involve US Senator Bob Dole.

“Lumakas ba sales ng Dole ngayon? #PNA,” one Twitter user wrote.

Pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot didn’t forget about Comelec chair Andres Bautista’s issue amid the Dole logo controversy.

“Andy’s passbooks vs PNA’s DOLE pineapple as DOLE (gov’t agency) logo…Guess which one the disenteng dilaws waste their time on…PAK!” Sasot tweeted.

Others surmised it is free promotion for Dole.

“Dear #Dole: you should thank PNA for the free #brand awareness campaign. You’re all over Twitter since yesterday. #branding #advertising,” @JustCatellon said.

Here are other reactions to the issue on social media:

Andanar said that he has warned two PNA editors that they will be sent to Jolo or Basilan should they fail to explain the agency’s latest mistakes.

“If they will not give an adequate justification to avoid disciplinary action, then I will send them to Basilan or Jolo,” Andanar told reporters in Baguio City on August 13.

Andanar said they would have a meeting on August 14.

“Sa Monday magmi-meeting kami. In fact kagabi pa lang nag-meeting na kami sa telepono,” he added.

The editors would be subjected to an internal investigation.

Pag nakitaan po sila ng malaking pagkakamali or talagang sinadya po nila, kung hindi po sila makapagpaliwanag ng husto (If we see that it was just a grave mistake or it was intentional, or if they can’t fully explain themselves), then they would have to face disciplinary action. They would also have to, maybe, be suspended, be warned, be axed, depending on the result of the investigation,” Andanar said.

“Hindi naman natin pwedeng pabayaan ito. They were already given the chance,” he further said.

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