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Busted: OKd2 publishes ‘satirical’ article accusing Memebuster of receiving money from LP! Not true at all!

After busting several made-up stories from, Memebuster has now become the subject of one of their latest “satirical” articles, where they accused Memebuster of receiving P170,000 from the Liberal Party for monitoring their pro-Duterte articles.
According to Okd2’s satirical piece, “copy-paste website” Memebuster has “reportedly” received P170,000 from LP, according to their source. The same source allegedly said that LP is monitoring Okd2’s posts, evident in how Memebuster has “contradicted” most of their articles, and the meme-busting site is “well funded by anti-Duterte groups.”

Okd2 themselves have classified this story under “humor & satire,” but we would still would like to clarify that Memebuster is not getting anything from LP or any anti-Duterte group. Like its other satirical stories with lots of made-up info, this one is made-up too!

Okd2 accused Memebuster of copying their “original” content, but we’re not. We are simply relaying to our readers, too, the gist of Okd2’s articles along with screenshots of the article as “resibo.” And if they are pointing their fingers at us, we just recalled how one of their recent stories copied a huge chunk of an ABS-CBN report on MRT maintenance.

We also spotted a short exchange in the comments section of Okd2’s article, where a certain “Jun Valasek” slammed the commenter, as if it were Memebuster, about why we are making money off their hard work. He even insisted that their readers are “fully informed.”

Sadly, despite categorizing many of their made-up stories under “Humor & Satire,” many netizens still quickly fall for their “satirical” stories.

We found a screenshot of Okd2’s previous “About” page and it said that their website was targeted towards “celebrities and their most gullible fans.”



However, their About page has changed to describe the website and their different types of content, which include inspiring stories, satirical polls and surveys, humor and satire, and others.

Despite this change, it still seems like Okd2 is still taking advantage of people’s gullibility. That is why some of their stories that were picked up by other blogs have trended and have reached our attention, with the help of tipsters who want to know whether the trending story is true or not.

Take, for example, their “satirical” story on CBCP condemning the killing of terrorist leaders Omar Maute and Isnilon Hapilon. Memebuster did not copy Okd2’s content; we laid out Okd2’s claims, sorted out what’s true or not, and debunked the false ones.

But one thing for sure, other blogs copied a major, if not the full, part of Okd2’s “trending” story.

This one has the exact same story as Okd2’s.

While this one only copied the latter end from Okd2’s piece.

The article from both blogs, and, have been shared over 23,000 times, based on this Facebook search results.

This is what makes it easier for Okd2’s “satirical” stories to gain traction and victimize more “gullible” netizens. The website is basically making money off people’s gullibility and in the case of CBCP’s story, off people’s hatred of the Church. When we did debunk that story and clarified that CBCP did not condemn the killings of the terrorists, we made sure to point out that the story was categorized as “satire,” although many netizens missed seeing that category because either they found the story copied by other blogs or they found Okd2’s original story but did not, or refused to, check what type of content it was.

It was also Okd2 that was behind made-up stories such as former APO singer Jim Paredes hating President Duterte since college, Hontiveros seeking to increase the protesters’ salaries, the late Senator Miriam Santiagos’ last words to Duterte being a warning for him not to trust Robredo, Hollywood actor Matt Damon saying Duterte is the last man standing. And we commended Okd2’s dedication to composing a Spanish dialogue in its “satirical” story about Reina Hispanoamericana Winwyn Marquez calling Duterte the best president in the world.

In this “satire” from Okd2, we did not “contradict” their stories. We just wanted to clarify them and correct some netizens’ false assumptions after taking the website’s “satirical” stories seriously. Memebuster did not receive P170,000 from LP and is not connected to LP or any anti-Duterte group. We did not copy Okd2’s content, but tried to sort out the truth from the lies since, as in other satirical stories, facts are mixed with falsehoods.

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