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Busted: Stephen Sackur said PH should elect more intelligent senators next time? It’s fake news!

A certain Facebook user has been quite devoted in sharing an article claiming that BBC anchor Stephen Sackur threw shade at Senator Antonio Trillanes when he allegedly said that Filipinos should elect more intelligent senators in the next election.
Raden A. Payas shared the article to several Duterte and anti-Liberal Party Facebook groups. He posted it on President Rody Duterte Facebook Army, Rody R. Duterte Movement Universal, Defenders of President Duterte, Cruelty of Noynoy “Abnoy” Aquino and His Government, President Duterte Supporters, Pilipinas Duterte2016, and several other Facebook groups.

The article, published by, claimed that when Sackur appeared as a guest on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show on Monday morning, June 26, he talked about how his interview with Trillanes on June 21 on his own show.

Sackur was quoted in two statements in the article by
“I think I did great, but Senator Trillanes was out of tune. His answers were not what I was expected. I think the Philippines cannot go forward if the Filipino people continue to vote candidates who lacks understanding and knowledge on the real issues surrounding their country.”

“The senator was subjective and that what makes our discussion out of tune. I was expecting honest answers based on facts, but Sen. Trillanes gave me personal opinion.”

The article also recalled part of Sackur’s interview with Trillanes where the English anchorman asked the Filipino senator whether he is a democrat. The report wrapped up with a sentence claiming that Trillanes was “very proud” that he made it to the newspaper headlines regardless of the results of his BBC interview.

However, there are many lies in this article. First up, Sackur did not go on Maddow’s show on June 26. A BBC UK anchorman like him with his reputation being interviewed on a popular American TV show would have made a lot of waves, but we could not find a single report about Sackur guesting on Maddow’s program last Monday.

Second, on top of the fact that Pinoy Observer made up Sackur’s guesting at Maddow’s, they also made up the statements that Sackur allegedly said about his interview with Trillanes. They based it on Sackur’s comment during the interview itself when he took into account some Filipinos’ comments about the state of the Philippines and asked Trillanes if his negative comments are “out of tune with ordinary Filipino opinion.” However, the BBC anchorman did not hit the Philippine senators’ intelligence or said that Trillanes merely gave his opinion during the interview.

Third, it is not true that Trillanes said he is “very proud” to have been a content of newspaper headlines after his BBC interview. What he really said is that the interview is “one of the proudest moments of (his) public life.”

“Personally, knowing the impact of the interview to the global audience and knowing now that Hardtalk is very popular yet the most difficult talk show for any guest, I can honestly say that it is one of the proudest moments in my public life,” Trillanes said in a statement on June 27.

We checked the other articles published by Pinoy Observer and found that it has published several fake articles, too. One article about PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson’s alleged response to people who were looking for President Duterte even linked to an R-18 YouTube video, making it all the more obvious that it is a fake article. Another article was about the Department of Tourism allegedly asking Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto for advice over plagiarism issues, noting that the senator himself was plagued with plagiarism accusations before. If you find articles from, be extra careful.

This is not the first fake article that stemmed out of Trillanes’ BBC interview. We also busted the satirical article about him planning to sue BBC and Sackur over the ‘devastating’ interview.

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