Busted: Aika Robredo granted police enquiry bail after getting arrested in the US? Fake news alert!

We busted the fake article about the arrest of Vice President Leni Robredo’s daughter, Aika, in the US, but the same fake news site still posted another hoax about Aika. This time, they claimed that Aika was granted a police enquiry bail.
Fake website published a story about how Aika was given a police enquiry bail and would be required to report to the counter of the charge office every day while the investigations are ongoing.

The article even quoted the Massachusetts Police saying, “Aika and James are playing blame games here and several accusations that we have to look into.” It also recalled its previous fake story related to this one about how Aika was arrested with a drug baron called James Scott in possession of 1.2 kg of drugs in their car.

Aika Robredo
However, we have already proven the first story about Aika’s arrest to be a fake. This one isn’t any different.

This is’s second fake story on Aika Robredo. However, she just dismissed the first one, saying that she won’t entertain it because it is a waste of time and she’s likely dismissing this one too as she becomes occupied in preparing for her Harvard studies.

@Simply_Clinton tweeted after the first fake story broke, “Dear @aikarobredo please dont just sit on this…”

“Sayang sa oras. Hahaha,” she tweeted in response.

Aika Robredo


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