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Busted: LP linked to Kian’s slay? Man in viral photo with Robredo isn’t the cop who shot Kian

Facebook page “Pork Ng Ina Mo” shared a post by a certain Facebook user claiming that Vice President Leni Robredo took a photo with the cop who shot 17-year-old Kian Lloyd delos Santos.
Aina Castillo wrote, “Yan ang police na bumaril sa anak ninyo kasama ni fake VP Leni… kayo na humusga dito.” This was her caption for a photo showing Robredo with a man wearing a yellow shirt. Robredo was seen wearing a yellow top, the same one that she was often seen wearing during the campaign period.

In sharing Castillo’s post, Pork Ng Ina Mo wrote, “Ito daw yung pulis na bumaril kay Kian delos Santos.”

The same photo posted by Castillo was shared by Paula Defensor Knack, the younger sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

In her post, she wrote, “Oyyy is this true ? policeman who shot Kian is allied with yellows ?”

Kian Lloyd delos Santos
But in the comments section of Pork Ng Ina Mo’s post of Robredo’s photo with the man, a certain Lane Mathew Santos Calderon spoke up, throwing expletives at whoever shared the photo of the man whom he said was his stepdad. He also threatened to sue those who used his stepdad’s photo in such a malicious post.

“T*ng*na hindi pulis yan. Step dad ko yan! T*ng*nang to kakasuhan ko nagkalat neto! Bobo p*ta! P*t*ng*na nyo galit na galit nga yan sa mga pulis na pumatay kay kian e tapos step dad ko pa mapagkakamalan. MGA P*T*NG*NA NINYO MGA BOBO!” Calderon commented.

When accused by another commenter of being a dilawan who is spreading fake news so Duterte supporters like Communications Asec. Mocha Uson and other followers would react, Calderon said that he did not vote during the election and emphasized once more that his stepdad is not a cop, much more the one who killed the teenager.

Kian Lloyd delos Santos

Someone asked Calderon to show another photo to prove that it was indeed his stepdad and Calderon readily posted a screenshot of his stepdad’s, with the Facebook name blurred out, profile photo for June 2016.

Kian Lloyd delos Santos

He also decried the use of his stepdad’s photo, saying that he did not care about political affiliations at all.

Unfortunately, based on the comments on the posts by Pork Ng Ina Mo and Defensor-Knack, many netizens already fell for the fake story that the FB page using the random photo of a man who just had his photo taken with Robredo last year.

And these are some of the comments on Knack’s post.

Some netizens, though, still had apprehensions as to the accuracy of the story behind the photo.

Finally, Calderon’s claims that the man in the photo with Robredo were supported when the names and photos of the three cops involved in Kian’s death were released.

Rappler tweeted the cops’ identities on August 22 and the man in the photo with Robredo who was accused by netizens as the cop who shot Kian was not one of the three cops named in the tweet.

The cops under investigation for Kian’s slay and who are now relieved from position are PO3 Arnel Oares, PO1 Jerwin Cruz, and PO1 Jeremias Pereda. They will be in restrictive custody by the CIDG at Camp Crame, Quezon City.

This meant “Pork Ng Ina Mo” and Paula Defensor Santiago were wrong in sharing the photo of a man who simply had his photo taken with Robredo during the campaign period and whose photo was used by the pages to weave a story in an attempt to link the Yellows to the 17-year-old’s death.

Calderon said that his stepdad already messaged Castillo while he contacted Pork Ng Ina Mo.

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