Autopsy reveals ‘intentional killing’ of Kian; Duterte promises to let liable cops ‘rot in jail’

Seventeen-year-old Kian Lloyd delos Santos was shot lying in an alley and died of three gunshot wounds at his back, inside the left ear, and behind the left ear by a killer standing over him, an autopsy revealed.

This is in contrast to police claims that Kian allegedly fought it out with them.
The autopsy conducted in the morning of August 20 from 7:30am to 10:30am was done by a team of forensic experts with PAO medicolegal officer Dr. Erwin Erfe at the helm. It was conducted upon the request of Kian’s family.

The autopsy results showed that the first entry point of Kian’s gunshot wounds was at his back, the second was behind his left ear, while the third one was inside his left ear. Both bullets had exit points at the side of his head, noted Dr. Erfe in a phone interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Kian was lying on the ground, facedown, when the first and second shots hit him, said Dr. Erfe.

“Nakasubsob siya and ‘yung shooter nasa paanan niya,” the doctor added.

But the killer was on Kian’s left side, based on the victim’s third wound located inside the left ear.

The autopsy cannot show whether Kian was shot by the same shooter but all three wounds were caused by a 9mm firearm.

“Delos Santos’ body did not have bruises or contusion that would suggest he fought back. Instead, the boy sustained injuries in the stomach, which suggest he was hit by something hard,” Erfe said.

Kian’s family has asked the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) for help in charging the cops responsible for Kian’s death.

“We are already collating all the evidence that we will use in the filing of the complaint within the week,” PAO chief Persida Rueda-Acosta said.

Kian did during a police operation in Caloocan on August 16.

President Rodrigo Duterte vowed to let the cops who will be found liable in Kian’s death to “rot in jail.”
“I saw the tape on TV and I agree that there should be an investigation. Should the investigation point to liabilities by one, two, or all, there will be a prosecution and they have to go to jail if convicted,” said Duterte.

The CCTV footage showed Kian being dragged by the cops to an alley, where he was shot dead.

“Nung nakita ko yung tape tinawagan ko si [Philippine National Police Director General Ronald Dela Rosa]. Sabi ko hulihin ninyo na at ikulong ninyo,” Duterte added.

Duterte also did not deny that there are corrupt cops among those who are implementing his war on drugs.

While he previously said that he would not allow cops to go to jail if they are involved in cases linked to police operations against drugs, the President said Kian’s case was different.

“Yung arestado na, barilin mo, that’s another thing… it will be murder or homicide,” he said.

Despite his declaration against the cops who might be found liable in Kian’s death, the President said that he decided not to visit the teenager’s wake to avoid validating the claims that the cops were involved in the boy’s death.

“It is pregnant with so many suppositions. One is that, ‘Look, Duterte went there maybe to apologize because the murder really happened,'” he said.

“I cannot do that because the organization sa PNP is under me. I would be the last person to condemn them without a valid investigation,” he added.

“That I can assure you, that there will be no luto-luto diyan sa ano because I really do not interfere,” said the President.

As for the demonstrations that were organized after Kian’s death, the President said , “Uprising, go ahead.”

He even encouraged the public to hold protests.

“I encourage you to do it. At lahat ng Pilipino na naniwala diyan sa kabila, then you participate in the rally. And I assure you, I will even send trucks there for your transportation,” Duterte said.

“Go ahead. I am waiting for that actually. So that there will be a change of President and everything. And perhaps the new generation will come up with something that is—a government that is really working,” Duterte added.

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