Lawyer warns online perverts, harassers: We’ll be coming for you and we will find you

With the proliferation of hate and perverse comments online against Marcos burial protesters, one lawyer stepped up in the defense of those who were the subject of such deplorable comments online.

This is what he posted earlier about offering free legal services to those who wished to take legal action against their online harassers, as shared by Twitter user @AHASINAS.

On November 22, Molo provided an update to his campaign to teach the bullies, perverts and harassers a lesson.

He said that he has received massive support from his fellow teachers, former students, fellow lawyers, and IT professionals. He also issued a warning to online harassers, adding that the campaign he started online is now bigger than just “1 lawyer or 1 victim filing just 1 case.”


“As of today our volunteer complement has: 1. Four (4) full-service Law Firms; 2. Fourteen (14) individual lawyers; 3. Two (2) IT organizations and several IT practitioners ; 4. Three (3) law student organizations; and 5. Almost a hundred law students. More volunteers are coming in,” Molo said.

Molo said that the volunteers who reached out to him came from various parts of the country, as far as Laoag, Bacolod, and Agusan, which now provided his volunteer group the “machinery and motivation to hunt down lewd trolls” regardless of their geographical location.


He warned harassers in the same spirit that Liam Neeson’s character in the movie “Taken” threatened his daughter’s captors.

“So if you are thinking of sexually harassing a student, better think twice. Because we will be coming for you and we Will Find You,” Molo concluded.


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