Filipino netizens take action against the harassment of anti-Marcos women protesters on social media

People, especially women, are now stepping up and joining hands into reporting and exposing several alleged Marcos supporters who are leaving deplorable and degrading comments on photos of women protesters during rallies against the Marcos’ burial.

Pictures of women protesters that are circulating online are being reposted or commented upon by these people and leave comments that harasses and undermines these women’s integrity.

While these abusers seem to be unstoppable in commenting further on these photos, others are stepping up and making sure to defend the victims of this cyber harassment.


Several Facebook users have urged to the public to do something for the victims of this abuse such as taking a screenshot of the comments and exposing how they harass women to their families especially their wives, sisters, mothers, and even their employers. However, there is still a call to make this a polite approach.

The abusers are also being reported to Facebook to prevent the number of degrading comments from escalating.

Filipino netizens are also looking for ways to take legal action against the people who commented inappropriate and derogatory things but nothing concrete has been done yet.


As of now, Facebook pages such as Assortedge are collecting screenshots of these comments and compiling them to raise awareness and expose these abusers.

And for those who wished to pursue legal action from their harassers may want to contact John Molo and Tina Balajadia, who are offering their free legal services.


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