Busted: International communities linked Ramos, Robredo, Loreta, De Lima to Marawi attacks? Fake news!

International communities are allegedly revealed the names of the personalities involved in the Marawi City conflict, including former President Fidel Ramos, Vice President Leni Robredo, former CHR chief Loretta Rosales, and incarcerated Senator Leila De Lima.
This is according to a report from, but the website should not be confused with the Philippine media GMA News Online (

On May 29, wrote, “Human rights activists and Non-Government organizations in United Kingdom have dropped a bombshell in several media houses when they bluntly declared the Philippines Ex-leader, Fidel Ramos, Vice President Leni, Loreta and the already detained lawyer Leila De Lima as terrorists and members of Maute group and went on to reveal that the four are using the terrorists to sabotage Duterte’s administration.”
Yes, the website wrote it like that, with the VP and the former CHR chief lacking their surnames and Senator De Lima being plainly identified as a lawyer. They did not even name the specific organization that revealed these four Philippine personalities as Maute members. Would you believe such kind of claim?

As if the blunders in the first paragraph were not enough, further claimed that the international communities said that it was “public knowledge” how Ramos and De Lima were “trading with terrorists.”

The website even quoted a certain Jeff George, who is said to be the chairperson of the Human rights activists, still unnamed, in the UK. “Whatever is going on in Marawi is nothing but political. We have massive evidence that Ramos, Leni and De Lima are working with terrorists to portray Duterte’s government incompetent. The four should be held responsible?” George reportedly said.

Uh! Did George forget to name Rosales? Weird quoted statement.

George is allegedly preparing the proof against the four and take it to the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

Despite the mistakes and inconsistencies in the report, it was still shared by some people and pages on Facebook and even gained hundreds of shares, such as “Pres. Duterte Social Media Warriors.” simply made up the story and didn’t even make much of an effort to write a more believable fake story. Unfortunately, most of those who bought the story were likely only reading the controversial headline. If only they’ve at least read the content once, they would easily spot how big of a lie it is.

On top of the story’s inconsistencies, is a huge fake. Look at its logo. It even imitated GMA News Online. It even wrote fake stories that we busted, such as UN special rapporteur Agnes Callamard being arrested for being accused of working with drug lords, and Russian President Vladimir Putin saying Duterte is an “institution.”

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