Busted: Putin said Duterte is an ‘institution’? It’s fake news!

Fake news writers are at it again, trying to paint an extra close relationship between President Rodrigo Duterte and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This certain story claimed that Putin allegedly called Duterte an unshakeable “institution.”
Putin Duterte

Published on, which we already found to be a fake news site, allegedly said the following statements about Duterte:
“Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is someone I respect and nobody can shake him, i say nobody can match his brains. He has the best brains we have around the globe.”

Putin Duterte

“I want to state it here that Duterte is an institution. People should respect him, he has rescued many Filipinos from the hands of drugs. Philippines really needs such a person.”

Putin Duterte

But like many other fake stories that Meme Buster has busted before, these alleged statements from Putin about Duterte are merely made up. You can’t find these statements from credible sources at all.

Putin Duterte

If you ever find any other stories from, verify them first before falling for any of their false claims.

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