Busted: UN rapporteur Agnes Callamard accused of working with drug lords in PH? Fake news!


In yet another hoax, UN rapporteur Agnes Callamard was said to have been investigated after being accused of working with drug lords in the Philippines.

The source? A certain website called gma-tv.com, something that would have immediately alerted you that the website is up to no good, given the trend of fake news sites trying to imitate established news sites. This time, the hoax makers are targeting GMA News Online.

Yet, the story was still picked up on social media, even gaining hundreds of shares, especially when shared to pro-Duterte Facebook groups.

When we checked out the story, it turned out to be the same story as the one we busted earlier, but with a different headline this time. The other story had a title that says, “Breaking! Callamard Arrested On Corruption Allegations.” They changed it to a different title on Facebook, which says, “Agnes Callamard Arrested, Accused Of Working With Drug Lords In Philippines.”

Clicking on the link will lead you to the previous story, though, about Callamard’s alleged corruption.

We have already shown the story to be fake and the source, gma-tv.com, to be a fake news site in our previous bust, “Busted: UN rapporteur Agnes Callamard arrested over corruption allegations Fake news alert!”

To further prove just how fake this story is, it was even picked up by the fake news site thet1mes.com.

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