I faced tanks on EDSA for your freedom, don’t tell me to move on – EDSA protester

When the Supreme Court decided that the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ remains were eligible for burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the Marcoses and their loyal supporters rejoiced over the news. They said that this is good for national healing and unity and that it would be better for everyone to move on from the past.


However, the victims of Martial Law and those who took to the streets to protest against the Marcos regime had a different opinion.

One of those who participated in the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986 was Twitter user @jayfajardo. He said he faced the tanks during EDSA so the Filipinos, especially those born after the Marcos regime, should not easily tell him and the other EDSA protesters to “move on.”

“In 86 at 17, I faced tanks on EDSA. Don’t tell me to move on, specially if you were born AFTER we freed the country for you #neveragain,” he tweeted.

As of posting, his tweet has earned over 9,200 likes and 5,300 retweets.

Looking at the #neveragain thread on Twitter, several other netizens voiced out their sadness and frustration over the SC’s decision regarding the Marcos burial.

A certain Glenn Tuazon created a graphic showing men shoveling dirt off the ground for Marcos’ grave, but with extra motivation.


Twitter user @rafaeltoribio also slammed those who immediately reach the conclusion that if you’re anti-Marcos, you are automatically pro-Aquino.

Another Twitter user, @gerger017, echoed what one grieving relative of a Martial Law victim said: “Buti pa si Marcos, may bangkay.”

@iMonicaCruz lamented the fact that what’s happening with the Marcoses now is the result of the Filipino education’s lack of emphasis on history and culture, causing us “to easily forget.”

And for those who kept telling Martial Law victims and sympathizers to move on, @Mica_visita dared them to look those victims and the eyes and tell them personally to “move on.” If they can pull that off, then they’re certainly not human.

Here are other people’s reactions to SC’s decision on Marcos’ burial:




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