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Busted: Grace Poe’s Husband Did Not Renounce US Citizenship A Month Ago

During the Fast Talk segment of the third and final leg of the PiliPinas Debates 2016 with Grace Poe, one of the questions asked was about the citizenship of Poe’s husband, Neil Llamanzares.

Grace Poe

She was first asked whether an American will also step foot in Malacañang, which she answered with a no. Moderator Tony Velasquez then followed it up with a question about whether Poe’s husband has already renounced his citizenship, which Poe answered with a yes. When asked when that renouncement happened, Poe said, “Siguro mga isang buwan na nakalilipas.


She also added that her husband is a Filipino born to Filipino parents, but that he had to renounce his US citizenship to avoid further questions and suspicions about her administration if she gets elected as the next president of the Philippines.

Teodoro Misael Daniel “Neil” Llamanzares was born in the US to Filipino parents who were studying and working as doctors in the said country. Since his birth in 1970, he has held a dual citizenship as a Filipino and American.

But when exactly did Neil Llamanzares renounced his US citizenship? Was it around a month ago, as Poe claimed? Click on to know the truth.


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