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Fact: How Philhealth “No Balance Billing” Policy Works

Touching on the issue of providing health services to the Filipinos, Mar Roxas proudly claimed that whatever the other presidential candidates are claiming are already being implemented by the current administration. One such program that Roxas claimed to be available now is the Zero Billing.

Grace Poe first touched the subject of zero billing, promising that she’d provide the said service for the poor. She also added that right now, the PhilHealth coverage still requires some out-of-pocket expenses on the part of the patient.


During Roxas’ turn to talk for 30-seconds, he said, among other things, how the government is already providing Poe’s proposed zero-based billing service for the poorest Filipinos.

“Ngayon po, yung sinabi naman ni Senador Grace, zero-based billing na po tayo para sa mga pinakamahihirap na kababayan natin.”

But after the debate, some of the netizens pointed out how Duterte was right about Roxas’ claimed programs being unavailable until now.


“TAMA SI DUTERTE. Di totoo na libre basta may PhilHealth, may babayaran ka pa rin.. SINUNGALING TALAGA SI MAR.”

Is the zero-based billing that Roxas was talking about a bluff? Click on to reveal the truth.


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