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Busted: ‘Mga senators naghain ng ethics complaint laban kay Trillanes, sibakin’ is a misleading headline

Several websites published an article with this headline, “Mga Senators naghain ng Ethics complaint laban kay Trillanes, Sibakin,” and it has been shared hundreds of times.
Facebook page “Marcos Warriors” shared it and the post has been shared almost 600 times and has been reacted to over 2,000 times. “Pres.  Duterte ang Agila ng Davao” also shared the post, which gained 554 shares and 1,600 reactions, as of writing. Other pagest that shared the article include “United Cordillerans Supporting BBM,” DDS Supporter James Parmis, “Duterte OFW Supporters,” “Tatay Digong Global Supporters,” “PilipiKnows,” “Duterte The Punisher,” and Duterte Phenomenon,” among others.

Among the websites that published the article are, whose report has been shared over 17,000 times,,, and

We checked out and found that it does not have a text article, only a 16-minute long YouTube video. But the YouTube video is actually compiled PTV reports were about the following:

  • Senators mull filing complaint vs Trillanes
  • SC favors martial law declaration in Mindanao
  • Senators welcome SC’s decision in favoring martial law in Mindanao
  • Lawmakers react to SC’s decision on martial law
  • Palace calls for unity for peace and order in PH

In the compilation alone, it showed that the senators, particularly Senator JV Ejercito, was still mulling over the idea of filing an ethics complaint vs. Trillanes after he called his colleagues in the senate “cowards” and “lapdogs.”

We checked if Ejercito or any other senator has filed an ethics complaint over calling the other senators names, but we haven’t found any report about as of July 14. In fact, Ejercito said that he would reconsider his idea of filing a complaint against Trillanes if the latter apologizes. But the thing is that Trillanes refused to apologize for his “lapdogs” remark.
“Why should I apologize for what I think is true?” Trillanes said in an ambush interview on July 11.

“What I said was my observation and what I believe was true,” he added.
Trillanes also said that as political figures, they should not be onion-skinned.

“Ang sa akin lang dito, political figures tayo dito eh. ‘Wag tayong maarte,’” he said.

Trillanes earlier shot back at Ejercito by saying that the Senate has a problem if Ejercito found his ‘lapdog’ comment offensive but saw nothing wrong with Duterte’s rape remarks to the soldiers.

All of these mean that the headline “Mga Senators naghain ng Ethics complaint laban kay Trillanes, Sibakin” is misleading. The senators have not filed a complaint against Trillanes over the ‘lapdog’ remark as of today, July 14.

On February 27, lawyer Abelardo de Jesus filed an ethics complaint against Trillanes for attacking President Duterte and Court of Appeals justices.

This is not the first time published an article with a misleading title. They also published false headlines such as those about Chief Justice Sereno’s warning that the impeachment complaint vs. Vice President Robredo will push through, Robredo being stripped of her license to practice law, impeachment complaint vs. Robredo has been filed, and alleged confirmed report that the LP, US, CIA will assassinate Duterte. The site also published fake articles such as those claiming that the Australian foreign minister urged human rights groups to help in Duterte’s drug war and that the United Nations defended Duterte.

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