Busted: CJ Sereno warned Robredo about pushing through with impeachment against her? Misleading title!

Several blogs claimed that Chief Justice Lourdes really warn Vice President Robredo that the impeachment process against her will push through.
The story was then shared by Facebook fan pages, with the post by “President Duterte Supporters” getting over 2,200 shares and 5,500 reactions.

CJ Sereno warned Robredo

It was also shared by pages such as “Duterte-Marcos Tandem,” “Rodrigo Duterte News,” and “Duterte Parallel Organization – Tagumpay ng Pagbabago,” among others.

CJ Sereno warned Robredo
CJ Sereno warned Robredo[/50_50_second]

CJ Sereno warned Robredo

Plenty of blogs also picked up the story, including,,,, and more.

These blogs merely contained a YouTube video that ran for almost 12 minutes, showing part of Sereno’s speech on March 24 at the Integrated Bar of the Philippines’ (IBP) 16th National Convention of Lawyers.

The same report from the People’s Television Network also took up how Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre’s was guest speaker at the same event. The PTV reporter noted Aguirre’s exclusive interview with News5, where he said that he won’t heed President Rodrigo Duterte’s call to stop the impeachment complaint against Robredo, adding that it was merely Duterte’s personal opinion.
During a clip of Aguirre’s interview with TV5, Aguirre said that there is a basis to the impeachment complaint filed against Robredo – for embarrassing the Philippines when she sent that video message to the United Nations about the drug war and ‘palit ulo’ scheme in the country. He added that Robredo’s message may also have economic implications.

The rest of the video was about CJ Sereno talking to reporters about the budget allocation and audit of the Supreme Court expenses, judicial independence and how she should vote only according to conscience, and more.

However, the YouTube clip did not cover anything about Sereno talking about Robredo’s impeachment at all. Her speech at the IBP event was about telling lawyers to uphold the rule of law and stop impunity from settling amid the country’s “increasingly violent times.”

“When judges and lawyers hesitate to do the right thing for fear of being derogated for the company they keep or when they respond to vilification, threats and actual violence with surrender and capitulation, the rule of law is shoved out and impunity steps in,” Sereno said.

“The only way to fight against a culture is to be a counter-culture—to stand up for truth and right even when others choose to keep silent or to spread lies; to encourage action when others are apathetic; to dare to hope when others have given up,” she added.

The title was totally misleading. If someone in the YouTube clip talked about Robredo’s impeachment, it was Aguirre, not Sereno. Whoever made up that title may have wanted to get the netizens’ attention, given Sereno’s history of speaking up against Duterte about the drug war, which even caused the President to threaten her with a declaration Martial Law.

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