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Busted: Blog claimed it is ‘confirmed’ that LP, US, CIA will soon assassinate Duterte? Misleading headline again!

The Liberal Party, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the United States are allegedly going to assassinate President Rodrigo Duterte soon to install Vice President Leni Robredo as the next president, claimed several articles that are being circulated online.
Bearing the title, “CONFIRMED: LP, US and CIA will soon assassinate Duterte to make Robredo the President,” the story was picked up by blogs such as,, and

Based on the number of shares from the Facebook search results, the story has already been shared at least 16,000 times.

The story was also shared by Facebook pages such as “Duterte Phenomenon,” “TULFO News,” “Duterte-Marocs Loyalist,” “Duterte Warriors,” “Dugong Maharlika,” “Kilusang Bagong Lipunan,” and “Rodrigo Duterte Lines,” among others.

Blog dugongmaharlika.comt cited a video by Duterte supporter Mr. Riyoh as the source of its news. It detailed how Riyoh claimed that the UN and the US created ISIS and how, aside from Senator Bam Aquino, Senator Antonio Trillanes and the Liberal Party are also the ones behind the destabilization plot against the Duterte administration.

“He (Riyoh) says that LP was connived with the US and CIA and the plot to assassinate President Duterte will surely to conduct by the CIA once the Philippines disagree to go to WWIII against China,” wrote.

The blog added that Riyoh deemed Duterte’s move to befriend Russia and China now that the true color of the US has been revealed. Riyoh reportedly claimed that LP paid the local and international media to launch black propaganda against Duterte and paint an image of him as a “dictator” to allow Robredo to grab the position.

Riyoh was then said to have encouraged Filipinos to be vigilant in watching for Duterte’s ouster in order to protect the country.

We checked out Riyoh’s nine-minute video, where he claimed the following things:

  • The US helped create Al Qaeda, as per former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement
  • Trillanes’ threat to reveal the “truth,” which led to Riyoh concluding that Trillanes and the LP are behind the Maute attack in Marawi City.
  • LP paid rallyists like the UP students, Kadamay, and others go out on the streets to call for the end to martial law in Mindanao
  • LP’s plans to destabilize Duterte’s administration would include paying “criminals” and Magdalo to start committing crimes and put the blame on the military and Duterte, paying the media to report these crimes, letting international and human rights organizations paint Duterte as a human rights abuser, and successfully painting Duterte as a “bad leader.”
  • The US would interfere, fund terrorists to bring the Philippine government down and treat Duterte like Hussein, Gadaffi, because Duterte is not an American puppet.
  • The US simply wants PH as an American military base so they would love Robredo to be their puppet.
  • Duterte was able to predict that ISIS would target the Philippines because he is CIA’s target.
  • Duterte did a good job of befriending China and Russia. Why? Because Duterte is now aware of America’s true colors. He added, “At sigurado akong aware si President Duterte na pinagpaplanuhan siyang ipa-assassinate ng elites at ng Amerika.”
  • Duterte should declare martial law nationwide. Why? Riyoh said, “Declare martial law nationwide at gamitin na rason ito para ipakulong ang mga basurang opposition sa gobyerno. Dahil hangga’t nanjan ang basurang opposition na to sila ang gagawa ng paraan para magkaroon ng kaguluhan sa Pilipinas. Magmula sa pagsasagawa ng mga marahas na mga kilos protesta hanggang sa mga pag atake ng mga terorista dahil ang role ng opposition ay maging basura sa Duterte administration.”

So, and the other blogs were wrong in claiming that it is indeed CONFIRMED that the LP, CIA, and US will have Duterte assassinated soon. This came from Duterte’s claim that CIA wanted to execute him but the CIA has already denied any plot to have Duterte killed.

Moreover, Riyoh saying that Duterte should declare martial law to get rid of the opposition is like saying that the President should not follow the Constitution. All he did was make claims without even presenting proof that the LP are funding the terrorists and that the US would do the same.

Riyoh has posted some fake stories and false claims before, such as Senator Leila de Lima wanting a social media ban in the Philippines and Hitler did not kill Jews. He does love his fake news and conspiracy theories. He was also once addressed by TV5 news anchor Ed Lingao for leading the call to target Lingao’s Facebook page and bring it down, so calling for a nationwide martial law to put the opposition in prison is not entirely something new for Riyoh, a Duterte fanatic.

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