Busted: American journo claims LP connived with US, CIA to terrorize Marawi City? Misleading headline!

A video of a woman identified to be an American journalist by some blogs and social media pages online has been circulating on Facebook. Headlines claimed that she was exposing how the Liberal Party connived with the US and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) brought terrorism to Marawi City.
Facebook Links showed that one of the blogs covering the alleged expose is, whose article has already been shared over 8,400 times, as of writing.

Cindy Kay CurrierFacebook search results also showed that videos bearing the same headline have been viewed over a million times after they were uploaded by Facebook pages “Duterte Today” and “Dolly Modo Ridings,” among others.

Cindy Kay Currier

The video actually originated from a YouTube page called “Rise Together.” Meme Buster later found out that it was owned by a certain Cindy Kay Currier.

Cindy Kay Currier
In her YouTube video uploaded on May 28, “Morning views: US secret plan to remove Philippine President Duterte,” Currier said that she would be doing a “morning brief” on the rash attacks from the ISIS, but that she would be focusing more on the attacks in the Philippines. She also said that she would “present” three reports – two about the IS attacks and one about the plot to oust Duterte.

She went on to give an introduction to the report about the plot uncovered to oust Duterte, how the US refused to sell weapons to PH, and how the Khazarian mob or “Controllers” want to start a war to keep their control.

Her video then went on to cover the three reports she promised. The following topics were shown:

Basically, her “morning brief” was simply all about reading the three reports cited above. Yes, this is what the headlines from dugongmaharlika,com and Duterte Today Facebook page are claiming to be an “expose.”

Cindy Kay Currier

For one, the third report Currier read in her YouTube video was something that the US Embassy in the Philippines already denied.

We looked into (Covert Geopolitics) and found this article from that identified Covert Geopolitics as a news and opinion site that tends to delve more on conspiracy theories. It noted how claimed that the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia was caused by HAARP as a revenge against the country for rejecting Khazarian demands.

“What makes a good conspiracy is one that cannot be proven or dis-proven, but sounds like it could possibly happen,” noted

We also looked into Currier and found a blog called that enumerated several unverified claims, such as how human baby meat is being served in 90% of the American fast food restaurants, among other outrageous claims.

Cindy Kay Currier

Currier even claimed that United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II is actually the Hollywood actress Betty White! Yep, she is making a claim that the British monarch is being played by an actress.

In her YouTube video description, she wrote, “There are off-world malevolent beings writing the script for those we deem as royalty, dignitaries, and government officials. These people are actors playing roles. We need to launch investigations to positively identify these people and bring them to trial if warranted. We also need to offer forgiveness for those who desire it; but most importantly, we must protect humanity.”

She claimed that not all humans are 100% humans. They are part reptile because their DNA has been tinkered with by the same people who made Hollywood. Wow! Talk about “expose!”

Do you believe her?

Cindy Kay Currier

But her expose was only further made misleading by the titles used by blogs like and Facebook page “Duterte Today” as they claimed that Currier is an American journalist when she is not.

Moreover, Liberal Party was not mentioned in the video Currier created about the Marawi City conflict and the alleged planned ouster of Duterte by the US government and CIA.

Unfortunately, many netizens mostly end up reading the headlines without bothering to see the whole content, in this case, Currier’s 39-minute video.

To clear things up, Currier is not exactly a reliable source after all her conspiracy theories. Moreover, she merely read two Marawi-related news stories from the mainstream media and a now debunked report about America’s alleged plan to oust Duterte. The headlines about her being an American journalist linking the LP, CIA, and the US government to the Marawi City conflict are all misleading.

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