Duterte supporter Riyoh and Duterte Cyber Warriors threaten to take down journo’s FB page

TV news anchor Ed Lingao never backs down when it comes to dealing with trolls on social media. He has addressed the misleading information and the attacks launched by FB pages PSSAP Underground media (totally not related to the real PSSAP organization) and a Fil-Am called FlippinFlips against him.

Just recently, he also addressed the threat issued by a Duterte fanatic, Leollard Riyoh or Mr. Riyoh, who called on his group Duterte Cyber Warriors (DCW) to take down Lingao’s page. Riyoh blamed the news anchor for causing what he considered as the downfall of his affiliate page PSSAP Undergound Media.


“Hello DCW! Mustah na po kayong Lahat! ito na poh ung next target natin! Pasimuno siya ng pagpapabagsak ng kakampi nating page na (PSSAP Underground Media) Di tayo papayag na gawin nila to! Kaya UNAHAN NA NATIN SIYA!” Riyoh wrote on his Facebook page.

He also provided the link to Lingao’s FB page, adding “You Know What to do! DCW.” He then encouraged them to start the attack.

“Someone’s been quite active. Salamat sa mga nagbigay ng warning. I’ve also gotten quite a few PMs from my lovely trolls telling me they are reporting me for VIOLATING FB standards. Seriously? I never knew that voluntary vitamin-deficiency was a major problem in my country. Well, if my FB goes, you know why,” Lingao said.

“To my lovely trolls, I do not live on FB. Sure, it’s a good way to keep in touch. But it’s unfortunately proving to be a very good way as well to spread misinformation. And it has also given too many people a poor excuse to be lazy. And appallingly stupid,” he added.


And he even addressed PSSAP Underground Media that caused Riyoh to declare war against Lingao.

“Idagdag ko na rin, for the benefit of our proud friends from the PSSAP Underground Media and their many supporters…. Mabuhay ang Illuminati! Ayan ha, sinasakyan ko na ang trip ninyo,” Lingao said.

This is not the first time DCW has issued a threat to people. They also posted about a DCW mobile offensive tool that can obtain data from other people’s cellphone traffic and WiFi.


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