For now, Duterte says he believes cops in Espinosa slay, won’t let them go to prison but won’t interfere either

President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday that he would not allow the cops involved in the killing of Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa to go to jail despite the NBI ruling the case as murder and rubout, not shootout, as the cops claimed.

Duterte said that the NBI may push for a case against the cops but said that he would defend those cops, as per his speech during the Urban Poor Solidarity Week.

“Look, magprangkahan tayo. Pati itong mga pulis, I do not obstruct. So ang findings ng pulis murder, ah NBI. So sabihin ko eh di ako naniwala ako sa pulis. Kaming mga mayor, sino ba ang paniwalaan? Ang pulis or ang criminal?… Kung ano ang sinabi ng pulis iyon ang totoo sa akin,” Duterte said.

He added, “I will not allow these guys to go to prison maski sabihin ng NBI murder. Tutal, under ko man ang NBI. Under ko rin iyan, ang Department of Justice. But I do not interfere.”


Duterte said those who are concerned may file a case against the Leyte cops.

“Magfile sila sa court. File ninyo ‘yung kaso.  Pero ko hindi pabayaan itong mga pulis sa drugs. Kasi sabihin ako ang may utos eh. Kasi sabi mo, sir, hulihin namin tapos lumaban. Eh, baka totoo talaga, tinalian ng mga gago tapos eh pulis,” he said, earning laughter from the audience.

When he graced the change of command ceremony of the AFP at Camp Aguinaldo, he said that there was no one who witnessed the incident.

“Wala naman kayong witness diyan nagsabi na nakita na. Come up with something good and I will have it out,” he told the NBI.

But for now, he said he would take the cops’ words.

“Why? Four million addicts, Filipino, and you are sorry for the son of the bitch who made our children crazy by the million?” the President said.

And just like his previous speeches, how once again ordered the police to shoot criminals who resist arrest and pose a threat to their lives.

“Go out and hunt for them. Look for them kasi pati ang droga, masisira ang bayan natin,” Duterte said.

He even added that he would go to jail with the cops.


According to the NBI investigation, the following cops are charged with murder, robbery, and planting of evidence:

  • Police Supt. Marvin Marcos
  • Police Supt. Noel Matira
  • Police Chief Inspector Leo Laraga
  • Senior Inspector Deogracia Diaz
  • Senior Inspector Fritz Blanco
  • SPO4 Juanito Duarte
  • SPO4 Melvin Caboyit
  • SPO4 Eric Constantino
  • SPO2 Benjamin Dacallos
  • SPO2 Alphinor Serrano Jr.
  • PO3 Johnny Ibanez
  • PO3 Norman Abellanosa
  • PO2 Niel Centino
  • PO1 Bernard Orpilla
  • PO3 Lloyd Ortinez Ortiguesa
  • PO1 Jerlan Cabiyaan
  • Cristal Jane Gisma
  • Divine Grace Songalia
  • Police Chief Inspector Calixto Canillas Jr.
  • Police Chief Inspector Lucresito Candelosas
  • SPO2 Antonio Docil
  • SPO1 Mark Christian Cadilo
  • PO2 John Ruel Doculan
  • PO2 Jaime Bacsal

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