Busted: Duterte pardoned Jaybee Sebastian? No, he didn’t!

Facebook user named Sa Ake shared a link on a Duterte fanpage called “DDS/Diehard Duterte Supporters” with a headline claiming that Duterte granted Presidential pardon to convict Jaybee Sebastian.

Duterte Pardoned Jaybee Sebastian

Sebastian is one of the high-profile inmates that were hurt in a riot inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) and is said to be one of the key witnesses to Senator Leila De Lima’s involvement in the NBP illegal drug trade.

According to the article, President Duterte stated that “Sebastian’s pardon takes immediate effect.”


Duterte’s supporters are allegedly thankful for this pardon because it provides Sebastian protection from further harm as his testimonies serve as proof against De Lima, which may eventually lead to her imprisonment.

Sebastian allegedly testified that “De Lima was more of a protector rather than a conspirator of the illegal drug trade.”

He stated in Filipino, “She is aware that the source of money originated from drugs (trade). We don’t have any other source.”

However, no other news reports can be found to have quoted Sebastian’s words which has led us to believe that this was made up – as well as the presidential pardon.

Further inspection has revealed that President Duterte had actually rejected Sebastian’s request to meet with him in hopes of discussing the illegal drug trade inside the NBP.


During his arrival from Vietnam, Duterte spoke to the press stating, “I do not talk to criminals. He can go to the fiscal if he wants or maybe write a letter to [Foreign Affairs] Secretary [Perfecto] Yasay if that is feasible.”

For President Duterte, the recent incident in the NBP was actually a “comeuppance and the law of karma” for these inmates who were embroiled in the illegal drug trade.

He expressed, “Sinasabi ko hiningi ninyo lahat ‘yan. I’ve been telling everybody ‘yang drugs na ‘yan hinihingi ninyo sa buhay n’yo, dadating ‘yan. I said be careful of what you wish for or what you want because you might get it.”

This comes as no surprise as Meme Buster has busted, the article’s source, multiple times. The website published stories such as the UK adding Duterte to its history syllabus, Queen Elizabeth II saying Trump and Duterte are blessings to the world, and De Lima pushing for social media ban in PH as well as others were all fake.

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