Busted: New Thai King is dating Queen Kadayao of PH? It’s another hoax!

Facebook user Thelma Sarfo shared news on a Duterte fanpage that Thailand’s new king is dating Queen Kadayao of Philippines.

Thai King Dating Queen Kadayao

Then Crown Prince and now King of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn, who ascended the throne after his father King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s death, is said to be in a relationship with Queen Kadayao of the Philippines.


According to the article, Queen Kadayao, who is a part of the Monarchy of the Philippines or the Philippine Monarchy and is the Queen of the Royal Family of the Philippine Islands and Lakambini ng Kadatoan ng Mga Isla ng Pilipinas, was spotted with King Maha on numerous occasions and it seems that the two “are in an amorous relationship.”

The new king was also reported to be dating a Thai Airways hostess with plans of marriage but had to place his attention back on his father whose health has then deteriorated.

More than being known for his regal qualities, Maha Vajiralongkorn was talked about for his peculiar fashion sense, scandalous private life filled with numerous failed marriages.

The romantic relationship between the Thai King and Filipino Queen was said to be top secret before the former king’s death.

However, no reports have been made of this secret relationship besides the article from

Thai King Dating Queen Kadayao

The news site has reported of King Maha’s association with a former Thai Airways air hostess who ostensibly  spent most of his time in Germany with and is planning to marry but no word was said about his so-called relationship with a Queen Kadayao from the Philippines.


This is not the first time that has posted fake news as Meme Buster has busted several other articles from the website, such as President Rodrigo Duterte banning smoking in public, Russia’s 2017 budget include creating 2 million jobs in the Philippines, John Gokongwei buying Duterte a bulletproof car, among others.

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