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Busted: “US ambassador Nikki” said Duterte must have space to run his nation? It’s fake news!

President Rodrigo Duterte must be given space for him to run his nation, according to what online reports identified as US Ambassador Nikki.
The story has been shared thousands of times after it was published by blogs, such as,, and, and shared on Facebook.

In the article, they clearly identified the diplomat to be US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who was said to have urged human rights groups in the Philippines to consult with President Duterte’s administration and avoid assuming political stances.

She was then quoted saying, “We must give President Duterte the space to run his nation. We must respect their independence… It is not in our purview to decide his administrative issues for the Philippines.”

“That is the job of the president,” she said in her statement during the UN General Assembly in New York.

The UN General Assembly (UNGA) started on September 12 and will wrap up on September 25.
Here are the reasons why we question the veracity of the claims in the story:

  1. It came from a fake news site. is simply trying to imitate Al Jazeera’s website. We just busted one of its fake stories recently, the one about Fil-Am civic leader Loida Lewis confirming receiving her deportation letter from the US government.

  1. Haley’s alleged statements are not carried by credible sources.

We Googled Haley’s statements but found them only on social media pages that shared this story.

  1. Halley’s previously said EJK in the Philippines violated basic human rights.

When US Senator Ben Cardin asked Haley during the confirmation hearing on January 18 if she thinks President Duterte’s “sanctioned extrajudicial killings” violate basic human rights, she replied, “It does. Yes.” Even she agreed that the killings in the Philippines meant disrespecting human rights.

So, the claim that Haley wanted to give Duterte space to run his country is fake news. The story originated from a fake news site with fake statements.

However, the news has spread online.

Earlier, we also busted a fake news about how US Senate majority leader urged Duterte’s opposition to give him “space” to deliver his promises.

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