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Busted: Loida Lewis confirms receipt of deportation letter after recent remarks against Trump? It’s fake news!

Filipino-American businesswoman and civic leader Loida Lewis has allegedly confirmed receiving a letter informing her that she is to be deported following her recent remarks against US President Donald Trump, calling him “inhumane” and “insensitive” to human lives.
According to, Lewis was not even surprised upon receiving the letter, having been used to people attempting to have her deported from America. Lewis attributed this recent attempt to an effort by her “haters” who do not appreciate what she does for the “voiceless.” She allegedly said that she is willing to return to the Philippines to make it “better again.” It was also noted that she supported former Interior Secretary and losing presidential candidate Mar Roxas and Vice President Leni Robredo in the 2016 elections.

The article also cited what was said to be Lewis’ statement, “Once more, this president chooses to be inhumane and insensitive to the young people we call Dreamers who have known no other country but the USA.”

We confirmed that Lewis did make that statement in her capacity as the chairperson of the US Pinoys for Good Governance. Here’s her full statement, as quoted in this GMA News report:

“Once more, this president chooses to be inhumane and insensitive to the young people we call Dreamers who have known no other country but the USA. They are Americans for all intents and purposes.”
This was her statement on Trump administration’s move to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA was started by former US President Barack Obama to prevent the deportation of immigrants who came into the US illegally as kids.

While Lewis did call Trump “inhumane” and “insensitive” to the young immigrants who will be affected by terminating DACA, we could not find any credible source about Lewis confirming that she indeed received a deportation letter.

The fact alone that the story came from a suspicious website that is trying to mimic Al Jazeera ( is enough to make us question the veracity of its claims. We scanned the other stories found on the website and immediately found several fake stories, such as Donald Trump Jr. saying he sometimes felt that Duterte is his president, Lewis apologizing for being wrong about Duterte, UK Prime Minister calling those who want Duterte ousted as “selfish” and “greedy,” Queen Elizabeth II saying the Philippine government needs support instead of condemnation, and more.

However, this did not stop several people and Facebook pages from sharing the fake story about Lewis and her alleged deportation from the US.

Lewis has become a victim of various fake stories. She was allegedly threatened by Trump to leave America for disrespecting Duterte, linked to drugs along with Senator Leila de Lima, portrayed as having a niece who was caught in a compromising situation, publicized as having been banned for three months from America, and more.

As for this latest fake story about her deportation, this certain Facebook user did make his point when he said that Lewis is a US citizen and did not commit a crime for her to be deported.

“Loida is a US Citizen. Wala naman syang crime. Where do you deport her? From New York to California?!” he wrote.

Watch out for other stories that come from Given its fondness for publishing fake news, the next story that they might come up with might be another made-up story.

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