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Busted: US Senate majority leader said Duterte’s opposition should give him space to deliver? Story came from fake news site

Online reports are circulating on social media with a title claiming that US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested that President Rodrigo Duterte’s opposition should give him enough space to deliver his promises.
We found the story on the fake news site, which further claimed that McConnell said that while Filipino politicians should put the government in check, they should not ‘distabilize’ (as spelled by the blog) the Philippines. He added that the country will only enjoy social-economic developments if the Philippine leaders focus on providing for the needs of the ordinary citizen.

The story was shared on Facebook by the page “Marcos Corner.”

We also found a Filipino version of the story with the title “US Senate Majority Leader: Ang mga opposisyon ni Duterte at dapat bigyan siya ng ispasyo sa pagdeliver,” published by the site The blog’s About Us has a disclaimer stating that they are “not responsible for all the post that we have posted.”

However, the story is a fake one, something that was not reported by credible sources, and it even came from a fake news site, the same site that claimed that Donald Trump Jr. sometimes sees Duterte as his president or that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson called Duterte an ‘inspiration,’ among other fake stories.

This is the fame fake news site that carried fake stories such as Loida Lewis apologizing for being wrong about Duterte, British Prime Minister calling those who call for Duterte’s ouster ‘selfish’ and ‘greedy,’ Queen Elizabeth calling for support for Duterte, Trump telling New York Times that PH matters are not any of their business, and more.


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