Busted: Duterte fan pages claimed it’s “confirmed” that De Lima paid Matobato, but they used MISLEADING title

Duterte Facebook fan pages shared an article with a shocking title and caption claiming that it is confirmed that self-confessed Davao Death Squad (DDS) member Edgar Matobato has been been paid by Senator Leila De Lima to ruin President Rodrigo Duterte. These pages include “Duterte Daily News,” “Duterte News Tambayan,” and “Balitang OFW Duterte Supporters.”

De Lima paid Matobato
De Lima paid Matobato

De Lima paid Matobato

If you may have noticed, they even shared it a day before Christmas Day, all with the same caption urging people to share the news.


When we clicked on the article published by, we found a YouTube video of several PTV news reports that is 11 minutes, 40 seconds long. They are all reports about Matobato and his testimonies at the Senate hearing focused on the extrajudicial killings in the country, which include the alleged killings committed by the DDS linked to President Duterte.

However, nowhere was it mentioned in the video that it was “confirmed” that De Lima indeed paid Matobato to testify against Duterte. What the reports said, though, was Rep. Karlo Nograles denying Matobato’s claims that then Davao City Mayor Duterte had Nograles’ aide kidnapped and killed in 2010, adding that his family did not have personal bodyguards, only police escorts. Nograles also said that it is possible that Matobato was a “liar for hire” to ruin Duterte.


It was Senator Alan Peter Cayetano who mentioned Liberal Party’s alleged Plan B, but the report bit about him making a statement about Matobato also did not mention anything confirming that De Lima indeed paid the hitman.

This all boils down to making a compilation video and selling it to Duterte supporters with a misleading title. They did not even get the spelling of “confirms” right.

De Lima paid Matobato

Several blogs have made use of this technique of using the wrong title for their articles to gain their readers’ attention, taking advantage of the fact that many netizens often stop at reading the headlines, never bothering to check and understand the content at all.

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