DSWD Asec. Badoy’s half-sister speaks up and asks her: “Why so vile, so deeply and unnecessarily mean?”

Department of Social Welfare and Development Assistant Secretary Lorraine Badoy’s sister spoke out and asked her about what made her “so vile, so deeply and unnecessarily mean” for slamming Vice President Leni Robredo’s “basurera” story.
In a Facebook post on July 3, Therese “Gang” Badoy Capati told a different side of her older half-sister, Lorraine. She started with how Lorraine’s married name is Lorraine Badoy Partosa and how she calls her “Manang Wee.” She narrated how Lorraine “was always gentle” with her, even staying with her through the night when she lost one of her friends, despite the sleepiness, hunger, humidity, and mosquitoes.

However, Gang clarified that she did not tell the story to defend Lorraine from the negative reactions she is getting now after her posting against Robredo. Gang added that Lorraine can fight her own wars, create them even, and end them, too. She said that after reading most of the things written about the DSWD Asec., she “agrees mostly.”

“I think she can do better with silence regarding some things,” Gang wrote.

Gang said that she wants to share how she was never once bullied by Lorraine, which led her to wonder what happened between her and Robredo.
“Gusto ko lang i-share na never, not once niya akong binully. I wonder what the Vice President did or is to her to merit her constant disdain? Mere politics? It can’t be personal, I don’t think they ever met. Except when she campaigned/endorsed for Leni with a formal portrait under “Women for Leni.” (Note: I am not even part of this Women for Leni” campaign. I don’t even have that formal portrait thing going, hindi ako kasama doon, siya oo. Ang strange.)” Gang said.

She added that she decided to write this post about Lorraine instead of trying to fend off netizens who attacked her online by “feebly” declaring that she is not the DSWD Asec.

Just like other people, Gang admitted that she also wonders about Lorraine’s source of disdain for Robredo because she knows how her sister does not like Robredo’s rival, former Senator Bongbong Marcos, and how the DSWD Asec is not a “wala lang” person, which led her surmising that perhaps she no longer knows her sister.

When someone asked her if she still loves Lorraine, Gang said she still does.

“But love- meron of course. Hindi naman mawawala ang love. Extension of courtesy yan sa aming Ama at shared siblings. (Her full siblings, I hold close.) Extension of courtesy na rin ito sa aking Ina (her step mom) who told me to ‘always try.’ My Mom- fact- loved Manang Wee, too,” Gang said.

Gang added that she still cares, but she also asked these questions: “I still care ~but why so myopic, why so shaming? Why so vile, so deeply & unnecessarily mean? So tiring.”

Gang’s post came after DSWD Asec. Lorraine wrote a two-part article about Robredo being “Uncle Sam’s Basurera.” The first part of her article slammed Robredo for saying she picked up trash in Boston, which she described as Robredo’s way of “disgracing the Office of the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines.

In the second part of the article, Lorraine wrote that her first article was not about taking issue with reusing and recycling to save the environment; not about dumpster-diving; not about frugality; and not about the Filipino scholars who are not Vice Presidents themselves. She simplified her first post to be about the “cynical attempts at portraying Leni Robredo as simple” and “about the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines going through refuse of the United States of America,” the imperialist and oppressor.

Lorraine later emphasized that Robredo is indeed America’s “basurera” for “doing the dirty job her colonial masters want her to do.”

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