Change has come to Divisoria… from being clean to being back to its usual disorderly state

Photos of an amazingly clean and orderly Recto-Divisoria went viral last July 1 after they were posted to Facebook by a certain Del Rosario Esteves Ed.

Divisoria Clean

Scanning his Facebook timeline, he uploaded more photos of Divisoria.

Clean Divisoria

Del Rosario then revealed that these photos of the otherwise dirty streets of Divisoria known for its low-priced goods were taken last June 30, during the inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte. He added that it was Manila Mayor Erap Estrada who ordered the market to get cleaned up for the oath taking.

The photos that he first shared on July 1 have gained 6,000 reactions and a whopping 7,805 shares, as of writing.

The photos were also picked up by pro-Duterte Facebook pages, like this one below, saying that under Duterte’s presidency, “the country [maybe] will be trash-free.”


The said page even cited what was said to be Duterte’s famous line related to trash, “Kung hindi ninyo lilinisin ang basura ninyo, ipapakain ko sa inyo.”

The Facebook page also noted how this Duterte effect is phenomenal as it incites cooperation from everyone who wants to help improve the Philippines, citing the new, cleaner appearance of Recto-Divisoria.


Of course, Duterte’s campaign slogan came up with a twist – #ChangeIsOnGoing!

Several blog sites also commended the cleaner Divisoria, with one blog even saying that there could be “hope for  a better Philippines” after all, if the vendors were able to pull the cleanup off to support Duterte.

But has Recto-Divisoria really cleaned up its streets?   


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