Busted: We Are Collective down due to copyright infringement, not cyberattack

Esquire Philippines published another article shedding more light as to why the We Are Collective (WAC) website was taken down. This is the same magazine that confronted WAC for “stealing” their photos of President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo, which were used in the anonymous group’s “expose” of the Robredos’ alleged misdeeds in Naga City.
Esquire wrote about how WAC’s website was taken down before 11pm on March 7.

This caused the website’s supporters to raise the possibility that the site was under cyberattack and was subjected to “Cyber Martial Law.”

Yet another post from a certain Drei Toledo, as per Esquire’s screenshot, claimed that the WAC website was “shut down by the #OVP.”

Image credit: Esquire PH

However, the magazine shuts down any of these allegations, adding that the reason behind it was actually copyright infringement on WAC’s part. This violates the terms and conditions of the website host, Wix. The WAC site was taken down by the host according to the law.

In a reply to Esquire’s email to Wix, the website host said that the “site in question has been disabled accordingly with the DMCA procedure.”

Image credit: Esquire PH

This is the real reason why WAC’s site disappeared. Any reason they try to come up with to justify their disappearance on social media is a lie.
Before Wix’s action, WAC faced another hit to its credibility as the Ramon Magsaysay Awards Foundation (RMAF) issued a statement denying WAC’s accusation that the late Jesse Robredo won the Magsaysay Award because of his ally Gabby Bordado’s lobbying.

Esquire also hit WAC for not respecting copyright infringement, which enables professionals, such as those photographers working for the magazine, to earn money the honest way.

“Like yourselves, photographers, writers, and editors also need to make a living, and like most of you, we derive our living from honest sources of income: from professional fees, salaries, or royalties. And as long as we as a whole can protect these sources of income, the industry is also protected from dishonest forces seeking to buy our influence. We protect our copyright because we value our independence and our integrity, and our independence and integrity are what we offer to the democracy,” Esquire wrote.

Addressing WAC, the magazine said that democracy gives them the right to free speech. However, it urged those behind WAC to say whatever they want to say without using “stolen property.”

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