Busted: Thinking Pinoy, Uson accuse TV Patrol of reporting fake news over Korean language but it wasn’t

Pro-Duterte blogger Thinking Pinoy, or Rey Joseph Nieto, and Communications Asec. Mocha Uson called ABS-CBN’s attention over a report about that allegedly spread fake news about the introduction of Korean language in junior high school in the Philippines.

Thinking Pinoy (TP) and Uson posted the same screenshot on October 14 – a teacher writing Japanese characters on the white board – and made their comments over the alleged fake news.
TP wrote: “Psst TV Patrol, Japanese yan, hindi Korean. SUSMARYOSEP. #FakeNews”

TP’s post has been shared 4,200 times, as of writing.

Uson also questioned whether TV Patrol reported fake news or was simply mistaken. She even tagged TV Patrol and ABS-CBN News.


Korean ang sabi ngunit Nihongo/Japanese sulat sa larawan. Matatawag po ba natin itong FAKE NEWS? O sadyang nagkamali lang?
Sa totoo lang po maaring nagkamali lang at hindi naman sinasadya o matatawag na FAKE NEWS ito. Ngunit kung tayo o mga bloggers ang nagkamali sigurado akong balita na ito sa karamihan ng MAINSTREAM MEDIA at sasabihing FAKE NEWS tayo. Kaya hindi masisi ang mga netizens kung sabihin ito ay FAKE NEWS din.”

Uson’s post has received over 800 shares.

However, the screenshot that both TP and Uson were reacting to was actually derived from a full TV Patrol report on how the Korean language is now one of the foreign languages taught under the Department of Education’s Special Program in Foreign Languages (SPFL). The screenshot used by the bloggers were right on the part of the report where the TV Patrol reporter started detailing what the SPFL is all about and what other languages are included in it.  Aside from Korean, the program also includes languages such as Japanese, Bahasa-Indonesia, Spanish, French, German and Chinese-Mandarin.

Watch the full TV Patrol report here:

Some commenters on TP’s post also noticed his mistake.

“I have watched the report and it appears that tgey were actually talking abt the SPFL (Special Program – Foreign Language) And FYI, languages taught in the said program were German, Nihongo, French and other languages that the DepEd has included. Akala ko pa naman magaling magresearch to. Jusko. Dun na lang ako sa ulam vendor. Ghad. Thinking Pinoy? Hindi manlang marunong makinig at mag analyze tapos you call yourself thinking?” said one commenter.

“This is where I don’t agree with you TP so I’m calling you out on this. Screenshot is misleading, try to watch the entire clip, you will understand. Yan din inisip ko when I saw the photo pero when I watched the video hindi pala,” another commenter said.

Other commenters also called out TP for the “misleading” screenshot.

“The picture seems to be a wrong representation of the news but all in all, the news ain’t a fake one. I advise you to digest the news very well before reacting and stop waging wrong appreciation to the public about this when actually its one is a real news. Try to verify it with DepEd, you scum,” one commenter wrote.

Some commenters on Uson’s post also urged her to watch the whole video of the TV Patrol report.

“Bes panoorin mo ang whole video ng balita na yan! Walang mali sa report! Research research at manood din. Kaya ka nababansagan na fake news queen eh. Tapos idedelete mo na naman ang post na to ahaha. Sipag mo magpost pero tamad ka naman alamin ang boung pangyayari ng mga bagay na pinopost mo,” one of her commenters wrote.

However, many of those who commented on TP and Uson’s post have already thought that TV Patrol did spread fake news over the introduction of Korean language as part of DepEd’s foreign language program.

As of October 19, the both TP and Uson’s posts are still up.

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