‘Use creative imagination’? Literary writers should start covering Duterte – netizen

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella told journalists to not take President Rodrigo Duterte’s remarks literally and to “use our creative imagination” in understanding him.

Facebook user Ramil Digal Gulle has something to say about Abella’s own statement to the media.


“Ayuh. Okay. This just means literary writers/critics should start covering the President’s media briefings,” Gulle said in his post.

One of his commenters said that if this is the case, should there be also “creative interpretation” of the policies and laws?

Another commenter proposed a thesis title: “AB English Thesis Title: Deconstructing Duterte’s Dirty Speeches.”


Other netizens also reacted to Abella’s pronouncement.

@GregPoling said that Abella doesn’t seem to understand the work of the press.

@drelcrz commented on how the media’s job suddenly turns into “Arts and Literature.”

If Duterte’s statements should be decoded with a ‘creative imagination,’ then DU30 would be the perfect password because it’s hard to decode, according to @IamSuper_JM.

@katrinalba said that Abella’s announcement only gave the trolls an excuse.

@rjlnokom said that “facts can’t be imagined.”

And if creativity is to be put to use, @BuboySBS asked: Has the Philippines turned into Disneyworld?


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