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Netizen points out ‘sexist double standard’ reaction to Duterte and de Lima losing their temper

President Rodrigo Duterte has cursed several times during media briefings and issued several threats after losing his temper. He has cursed the United Nations, threatened to curse US President Barack Obama, and let the expletives fly towards the European Union or anyone that recently roused his ire. He even recently told Obama “to go to hell” as his way of expressing his frustration with the US.

Senator Leila de Lima, who is currently under siege by attacks from Duterte’s allies, has recently lost her temper in public, too. She has walked out two times during a Senate hearing and granted a press briefing where she became hysterical.

Duterte even advised her to take a break because she is “breaking down.”

Facebook user Pecier Decierdo pointed out how people react differently to Duterte and de Lima losing their temper.

He said people seem to give Duterte more leeway for losing his cool.


“Male president loses his temper, cries out expletives, issues threats. “You just have to accept him for who he is.” “He was just tired or hungry.” “A leader needs to be tough.” “Focus on his achievements instead.” “He’s only human,”” Decierdo said.

But these people tend to be less forgiving and view de Lima negatively for losing her temper.

“Female senator loses her temper after repeatedly being harassed by her political opponents. “She’s hysterical.” “She lost her cool.” “She should take it easy.” “That was an overreaction.” “She’s not handling this well.” “It was a sign of weakness,”” he added.

Decierdo said that this is the “sexist double standard” attitude that women have to deal with every day in the Philippines, condemning the current environment of “misogyny,” which only fuels the attitude more.

“That is the kind of sexist double standard women have to contend with everyday in this country. In politics, and especially in this climate of misogyny, that sexist double standard is on steroids (on testosterone, to be exact),” he said.


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