Busted: Trump signed EO to let Filipinos into US without visa? It’s another HOAX!

Facebook page Duterte 2016 Bohol “Calapenhon Movement” posted a photo to share the good news to Filipinos that US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that allows Filipino citizens to enter America without a visa.

Trump EO Filipinos US without Visa

The photo, which was also captioned to express gratitude, was allegedly a breaking news report from CNN.

Upon further research, however, Meme Buster was able to find out that the photo was actually a screenshot from a live coverage of Trump signing an executive order repealing Obamacare, as reported by CNN.

This is the original image without the edited caption.

Trump EO Filipinos US without Visa

Moreover, there has been no official news about an Executive Order that would lift the need for Filipino citizens to get a visa to travel to the US.


There was an earlier rumor too about the southern Philippines being possibly included in Trump’s list of countries to be issued a travel ban to the US. This turned out to be untrue, as reported by the Philippine Star.

Furthermore, the United States Embassy in Manila has also stated that they will NOT be implementing stricter measures in visa issuance for those who are planning to fly to the US.

In a chance interview, US Embassy press attaché Molly Koscina stated, “The US Embassy in the Philippines has not changed visa processing or visa requirements. Filipinos are still very much welcome to the United States.”


Following Trump’s Executive Order on Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals, she also clarified that only nationals of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen were suspended from getting their visas issued.

Koscina pointed out, “This executive order does not restrict the travel of dual nationals, so long as they hold the passport of an unrestricted country and possess a valid US visa.”

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