Busted: Trillanes’ trip to Hawaii was in May and he’s back in PH

A Facebook user once again brought up Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s name after President Rodrigo Duterte’s inauguration yesterday, June 30, at 12 noon.

The post that was shared to a pro-Duterte Facebook fan page said, “Nakaupo na si DU30… babalik ka p ba ng ‘Pinas?”

Trillanes Trip to Hawaii

It seems like the netizen has not gotten over that issue of Trillanes leaving the country in May and dug up this old, misleading blog that said “Trillanes, tumakas patungong Hawaii!”

The post garnered hundreds of comments and shares, with some comments going on about how Trillanes is a coward, how he should not come back home, and words bashing the senator.

There was one commenter who noticed that the blog might be old news.

Just like many of the previous busts we did, many of those who commented on the post did not even bother to click on the blog, which narrated how Trillanes had left the country on May 17.


Trillanes was photographed by a netizen at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) as he left for Hawaii. This triggered a frenzy among netizens, many of whom speculated that he could be living in fear of Duterte. The senator accused Duterte of having ill-gotten wealth coursed through his BPI accounts at the Julia Vargas branch.

Trillanes’ aides then said that the senator was leaving the country for an undisclosed “official mission.”

There were also rumors that Trillanes met former presidential sister Kris Aquino in Hawaii to plan something against Duterte, which Aquino denied.

Trillanes concluded his trip abroad and was once again covered by news reports on June 1, when he joined the confirmation hearing of around 200 military officials on that day. This was also when he asked a hypothetical question about what the military would do if in case the Philippines will have a ‘lunatic’ president orders them to shoot civilians.

Trillanes also had an interview with the press about the problems in implementing the K-12 program around the middle of June.

The netizen just dug up old news to target Trillanes, who has already said that he won’t be a hindrance to Duterte and that he would “respect the will of the Filipino people.” He is back in the Philippines from his trip to Hawaii last May and is fulfilling his responsibilities as a senator.


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