Busted: Kris Aquino DID NOT meet Sen. Antonio Trillanes in Hawaii to plot against Duterte

News about presidential sister Kris Aquino allegedly meeting with Senator Antonio Trillanes III in Hawaii has been spreading on social media since the last week of May.

Both were reported to be out of the country, since Trillanes left for an ‘official mission’ and Aquino was on a break from the entertainment industry with her family.

On May 28, Bombo Radyo claimed that their correspondent, Manny Pascua, have heard from several Filipinos in Hawaii who have spotted Aquino in Trillanes in Honolulu.


This raised questions as to why the two would be together, with some speculating that they could be cooking something against Duterte, who was the target of Trillanes’ tirade during the campaign period.

TahoNews, one of the news sites that covered the issue, brought up the connections between Trillanes and outgoing President Benigno Aquino III. The site discussed how the president granted amnesty to Trillanes and the other members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines after their 2003 Oakwood Mutiny against former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Trillanes also confirmed that Aquino appointed him as the backdoor negotiator with China about the dispute over the Scarborough Shoal. The senator even visited the country 16 times.


Aside from the written reports, some netizens seemed to have taken finding proof of the Hawaii meeting into their hands as this photo of the presidential sister and Trillanes dining together surfaced on Facebook.

Kris Aquino Meet Antonio Trillanes

Did Sen. Antonio Trillanes III and presidential sister Kris Aquino really meet in Hawaii to set something for Duterte?

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