Teddy Locsin Tweets Mar-Leni Election Fraud, But Could Not Substantiate Claims

Teddy Locsin Jr. has made several controversial tweets in the past, one of which was his tweet to discourage the use of Tagalog during the presidential debates. On April 25, 2016, the outspoken former Makati congressman, lawyer and journalist tweeted about a possible election fraud.


On his Twitter account, Locsin wrote, “In the US a voter showed his receipt. It showed Mar Leni. He complained he voted Duterte Marcos. Receipt torn, thrown in his face.

Teddy Locsin

A screenshot of the said tweet has been shared on social media. It has also garnered almost a thousand likes and more than a thousand retweets.

The said tweet has also gained the attention of Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez on the social media site. Click on to know what Jimenez has to say about Teddy’s claims and how the exchange between him and Locsin went.


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