Busted: Duterte and Cayetano Signed Bank Secrecy Waiver on PVC Board; Here’s One Legal Waiver to Sign

Duterte Cayetano Bank Secrecy Waiver

Pro-Duterte Facebook pages are at it again, sharing what is said to be a waiver of the candidates for President and Vice President this May 9 national elections. Clearly enough though, that’s simply on a board that appears to be of PVC-type, and not legally-binding.

Fake Duterte Cayetano Bank Secrecy Waiver

The challenge on transparency should not be treated as child’s play. Those who consider themselves as leaders do not need to be prodded to do something right. Signing the secrecy waiver is an obligation that each of public officials should do particularly in time of the elections. Those who have nothing to hide has nothing to fear from transparency challenge.


Here’s a sample of a legal bank secrecy waiver. One that the likes of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Allan Peter Cayetano, and other candidates should sign.

RA 1405 Sample Bank Secrecy Waiver
RA 1405 Sample Bank Secrecy Waiver

The secrecy waiver may clear Mayor Duterte’s name from his alleged failure to disclose the huge amount of Php 211-million in a bank account in San Juan City in Metro Manila, in his 2014 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

Cong. Barry Gutierrez of the Liberal Party said, “the Allegations of a false SALN must be taken seriously, particularly if the person being questioned is a candidate for the Presidency. The concealment of assets is a clear indicator of illegal activity and corruption. The people are fed up with officials who lie in their SALNs to hide ill-gotten wealth, and who then make all sorts of excuses when they are caught. If Mayor Duterte is truly as “anti-corruption” as he claims, he should squarely answer the charge that he has P211M in bank accounts that he failed to declare in his SALN. No more jokes, no more excuses. No taking a page from VP Binay and saying “it’s just politics.” We challenge Mayor Duterte to walk his talk: Sign a waiver and open up all his bank accounts for scrutiny.”

So there you go MemeBusters, that PVC board circulating online isn’t the one Presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte should sign.

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