Netizen: SC suspended Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles for not doing her job after taking client’s money

Facebook user Victor Velasco slammed lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles for criticizing Vice President Leni Robredo when she herself was suspended by the Supreme Court for taking her client’s money and not doing her job.


“I shared a post of a certain Trixie Cruz-Angeles who called VP Robredo a non-performing Cabinet member, justifying Duterte’s order for her to stop attending Cabinet meeting. I asked if it’s the same Cruz-Angeles lawyer suspended by the Supreme Court for taking P350K from her client and not doing her job,” Velasco said.

He said that the lawyer blocked him after he brought up the issue about her suspension.

“I pointed out the irony of her public post, which got so many likes and agreeing comments from her followers. EXPECTEDLY, the original poster blocked me and my shared post disappeared,” he added.

Suspended Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles

To other commenters on Velasco’s post also claimed that the Cruz-Angeles blocked them too after posting about articles of her three-year suspension.

Suspended Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles

According to the Rappler article on Cruz-Angeles’ suspension posted on August 9, 2016, the lawyer was suspended for three years after her annulment client, Cleo Dongga-as, filed a complaint against her and Wylie Paner in 2003 for “violating provisions of the Code of the Professional Responsibility.” Dongga-as said he paid P350,000 for the lawyers’ services, but they were unable to produce a petition for annulment for him after being given various excuses, one of which was a lie about Dongga-as having no record of marriage.

According to Dongga-as, Angeles and Paler refused to return the money when he asked for a refund and cited that the lawyers even charged him P45,000 for “consultants.” This is why he filed a complaint against the two lawyers with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Committee on Bar Discipline.

Cruz-Angeles said she accepted the SC’s decision.

Suspended Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles

Another commenter posted screenshots of Cruz-Angeles’ exchange with a former law firm partner,  Argee Guevarra, who accused her of being a fraud.

Suspended Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles

But Guevarra’s accusations did not stop there.

Suspended Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles

Velasco’s post came after Cruz-Angeles shot back at people who called Duterte “bastos” for asking Robredo to stop attending meetings and doing it through text. She said that Robredo, being a “non performing public official,” is more disrespectful to the post she held and to the Filipinos.


“You want to call out the president for asking her not to attend cabinet meetings and that he did this through text? You say it’s disrespectful? I call bull on that. I call a non performing public official a hell of a lot more disrespectful to the mandate of the office she occupies. I call it outright rude to the Filipino people that she contributed very little (and I’m being kind here) to deserve the post she was given,” she said.

“You say the president is bastos? The VP in Housing was a monumental waste of taxpayers money. That’s beyond bastos. That ought to be criminal. #LabanKaDyan,” she added.

Suspended Atty Trixie Cruz Angeles

Cruz-Angeles served as counsel to Oakwood mutineer, former Marine Captain Nicanor Faeldon; was a part of the late Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment trial in 2012; represented an INC evangelical worker who accused top INC leaders for abducting and illegally detaining him; and served as counsel to Lottie Manalo-Hernandez, the INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo’s sister, who also claimed ownership over the 36 Tandang Sora compound in Quezon City.

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