Busted: Robredo taunted, heckled in South Africa? It’s another fake news!

Vice President Leni Robredo is in South Africa now and an article claimed that she was “taunted, heckled” during her visit.

The article from made its rounds online.
The website claimed that some Filipinos working in South Africa heckled Robredo when she was about to talk in front of Filipino women. The incident was said to have been covered by South African newspaper Daily Dispatch, which allegedly wrote, “a Filipino man who was not supposed to be there, insulted the Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo. The man shouted in foreign language (Filipino), and later he asked Robredo to resign as VP.”

The paper was said to have written further about the report this way:

“The crowd went wild when police escorted the man out of the hall. Most of the women defended the man and the incident became chaotic when people started throwing light objects to the Vice President who was still on stage.”

Another South African daily, Cape Today, allegedly reported that someone from the audience called Robredo a “traitor.”
[ads1] even noted this at the end of its article, “Since the group has no local media escort, all news reports about the incident will be fully verified before it could be published through local main stream media.”

Regardless of’s excuse about the lack of coverage from the Philippine media over the said heckling directed at Robredo, the website has a long list of fake stories that makes it even harder to believe its claims. Moreover, we could not find news reports from Daily Dispatch or Cape Today about Robredo.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation, a non-government organization advocating for liberal policy and politics, invited Robredo to speak at a women’s conference and talk with the country’s lawmakers.

We also found Robredo’s Facebook posts about her visit to the City of Capetown in South Africa, where she learned all about community-driven housing programs, which she said, are similar to her advocacy programs.

Judging from the smiles on the kids’ faces, everything seemed to be going well for the Vice President. is not exactly new to the game of inventing ridiculous stories.

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