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Busted: Robredo agreed to an interview with BBC’s Stephen Sackur? It’s another satirical piece!

Vice President Leni Robredo has allegedly agreed to an interview with BBC’s Stephen Sackur, but the claim was made by a satirical website.
The Adobo Chronicles has come up with another piece related to Sackur and this time, it claimed that Sackur “has been wanting” to guest Robredo on his show so negotiations are reportedly to have been going on for the last two weeks. It added that the Vice President has given five conditions before agreeing to be on BBC, including having her spokesperson Georgina Hernandez seated in between Robredo and Sackur:

  • Office of the Vice President (OVP) spokesperson Georgina Hernandez will appear on the show, along with Robredo and that she will be seated between Sackur and the Vice President.
  • Hernandez will act as interpreter.  While Sackur will be asking the questions in British English, Hernandez will be translating the questions in Taglish (combination of Tagalog and English) to the VP.
  • When answering Sackur’s questions, Robredo will be whispering her responses into Hernandez’ ear.  Hernandez will then relay Robredo’s responses to Sackur in Filipino English.
  • Both BBC producers and the OVP have agreed that Hernandez will have the option to revise Robredo’s responses if she feels that it will reflect badly on the Vice President.
  • If Hernandez needed more time to sugar-coat or revise Robredo’s responses, she will flash a “time out” sign with her hands and BBC will go into commercial.

The article added that BBC’s interview with Robredo will not be aired live in the Philippines and will instead be owned by the Office of the Vice President, which will have the last word on whether the interview will be aired on Philippine channels or not. It further claimed that the “OVP reserves the right to edit the video as it sees fit.”

All these conditions and claims from Adobo Chronicles about Robredo’s alleged interview with the BBC prompted several netizens to comment against her, despite the satirical nature of the article.

One at least suspected whether the story is fake.

Leni Robredo Stephen Sackur

Another revealed that The Adobo Chronicles is a satirical page. 

Leni Robredo Stephen Sackur

For those who didn’t bother checking the website’s About page, this is their format in helping readers identify fact from fiction in their articles.

And these are the screenshots of the story, “Philippines VP Leni Robredo Agrees to Interview with BBC’s Stephen Sackur.”

Almost everything in the story, except for a portion of the first sentence about Trillanes’ BBC interview with Sackur, was written in regular font, which meant they are fiction. Hence, this story about Robredo agreeing to an interview with BBC’s Sackur with certain conditions is fake!

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