Palace defends presidential granddaughter’s pre-debut photoshoot at Malacañang after receiving backlash

President Rodrigo Duterte’s granddaughter, Isabelle Duterte, had her pre-debut photoshoot at Malacañang that got netizens reacting, with some asking questions whether she violated a law during the shoot. Others tagged the shoot as ‘Imeldific’ and reminiscent of the Marcoses’ days in Malacañang.

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“As for me re: the debut pictorial of Isabelle Duterte the venue is not appropriate. PRRD as our very own leader is not fond of photo op at the palace or in any occasion,” one Twitter user said.

Others pointed out the contrast in Isabelle’s grand photoshoot, while poor Filipinos are struggling.

“People in Marawi trying to live through the day. Isabelle Duterte at Malacañan Palace, posing in a blood red gown, getting ready to celebrate.The Dictator’s grand daughter lives a lavish life while the poor can barely survive.Just like the Marcoses,they are detached from reality,” @bibmacasaet tweeted.

However, a netizen pointed out that past presidents’ children also had their debut parties and even a wedding at Malacañang.

“A lot of noise on Isabelle Duterte’s pre-debut shoot at Malacañang. But it is not unusual for presidential children to hold their debut parties or wedding at the Palace. Vicki Quirino held her debut and was wed at Malacañang,” @thirdyglino tweeted.

To this, another Twitter user replied with a screenshot of presidential daughter Vicky Quirino’s wedding, which made mention that it was not even the first debut or wedding held at the Palace.

Questions about including the presidential seal in Isabelle’s photos were also raised.

Executive Order No. 310 was brought up. The netizens specified this part of the order:

“Except as otherwise provided by law or Presidential issuance, the Coat-of-Arms, Seal and Flag of the President of the Philippines or of the Vice President of the Philippines shall be exclusively used to represent the President of the Philippines or the Vice President of the Philippines, respectively.”

Constitutional law expert Atty. Rudyard Avila told News5 that there was nothing wrong with Isabelle’s photoshoot.

“Nothing wrong with it, the Seal wasn’t installed for the purpose of the pictorial. The Seal is merely incidental, it is more or less permanently there,” Avila said.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque also said the same thing about the presidential granddaughter’s photoshoot.

“Sakin wala namang masama yun, nagpose lang for birthday pictures yung apo ni Presidente,” Roque told reporters.

As for the necessary documents needed for the photoshoot, Roque responded: “Everything has to go through a process here.”

Roque said the photoshoot is not an issue, considering how the President and his family should have lived in Malacañang but refused to do so.

“The President is entitled to live in Malacañang. He opted not to pero siguro naman mga kamaganak niya, sarili niyang apo, puwede magpa-picture-picture sa Malacañang,” the presidential spokesperson said. “Gaya sila ng ordinaryong mamamayan na puwedeng magpapicture-picture sa Malacañang.”

Earlier, Roque said that those who wanted Duterte to attend their events should instead choose to bring their parties to Malacañang.

“Ayaw na lang lumalabas ni presidente para sa mga social events,” he said. “So kung gusto mo makasama ang presidente, pupunta ka dito, dala-dala mo caterer mo. Walang taxpayer’s money.”

Roque pointed this out as the reason why the baptism of actor Robin Padilla’s daughter and the birthday party of Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco were held in Malacañang.

He later emphasized that no government funds were spent during the hosting of these events.

Duterte chose to live in Bahay Pangarap when he is in Manila instead of in Malacañang. His official residence is in Malacañang, right across the Palace.

Isabelle is the daughter of presidential son Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and his former wife Lovelie Sangkola Sumera.

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