Busted: PNP vehicles during Aquino admin cost P1.8-M each? No, this is fake news!

Facebook page Philippines Defense Forces Forum debunked the meme claiming that the police cars acquired during the Aquino administration were worth P1.8 million each.

The meme showed a collage of the police cars from the past and current administration, with the former shown to have cost P1.8 million each while the latter were said to have cost only P1.4 million.

The FB page called out the “misinformation” being spread by Duterte’s fan pages on Facebook.
“Mahindra Philippines supplied 1,470 Enforcer 4×4 vehicles to the PNP for P1.3 billion or only P895,000 each, not P1.8 million. #FakeNews #HindiTama,” the page wrote.

The Top Gear report “How did Mahindra win bid for 1,470 PNP patrol units?” published in April 2015 gave more details about the vehicles and confirmed the figures given by the Facebook page.

This is the Mahindra Enforcer patrol unit that was featured in the meme.



On Twitter, the meme was shared, too.


Whoever made the meme could have mistaken the Mahindra Enforcer unit’s cost with that of the Kia patrol jeep, which were also acquired during the Aquino admin. The Kia units cost P1.895 million each. They were purchased to help PNP personnel reach mountainous regions and farmlands in the country which are hard to reach.

In another Facebook post, the Philippine Defense Forces Forum expressed their gratefulness towards Japan for donating the Mitsubishi Montero Sport patrol cars to the PNP. These were the same cars that were pictured in the meme and were said to have cost P1.4 million, when in fact, they were given to the Philippines for free.

A PTV report showed that Japan donated 40 SUVs to the PNP.


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