Busted: PNoy vows to replace Duterte if the latter gets impeached? Misleading title!

Facebook fan pages of President Rodrigo Duterte and the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos shared an article claiming that former President Benigno Aquino really vow to replace Duterte once he gets impeached by the Filipinos. At least, that’s what the article title claimed.

PNoy Vows to Replace Duterte

PNoy Vows to Replace Duterte

PNoy Vows to Replace Duterte

According to the article, Aquino gave Duterte a warning shot before assuming the presidency, saying that he would fight the latter should he choose a dictatorship over the democracy the Philippines is enjoying now. Aquino added that he is “willing to die to stop the country from going back to the times of Martial Law under Marcos” and to fight for what his father, the late Ninoy Aquino, died for.

What we noticed, though, is that the article mentioned Aquino making the statement on May 3 when he was in Iloilo. This was when Aquino slammed Duterte for comments made during the election campaign, such as the latter’s plan to abolish Congress if Senator Antonio Trillanes IV would try to have him impeached and his remarks against the United States and Australia for their ambassador’s comments criticizing Duterte’s rape joke.


We also traced the source of the Newstrendph article. It pointed to trendingviral, which then pointed to filipinonewsinfo. However, it is notable that upon reaching the filipinonewsinfo article, the title has changed significantly. It says: “PNoy vows to fight Duterte dictatorship to protect father’s legacy.”

We continued tracing the source of the article and found out it came from Politiko, which has a title “PNOY vows to fight ‘dictator’ Duterte: I’m willing to die to save my father’s legacy.”

We also Googled other articles about the same topic and found that Aquino made that statement on May 3, 2016. However, it was revived with a different and misleading title by the blog known for sharing fake stories.

Just take a look at its most popular posts! These are all fake stories. The deadly New Bilibid Prison riot is still the subject of resolutions for an investigation in Congress, Senator Leila de Lima did not try to commit suicide, and Matobato did not apologize for destroying Duterte but for killing people instead.

PNoy Vows to Replace Duterte

There was nowhere in the article that said PNoy vowed to replace Duterte after his impeachment. Whoever wrote the blog stamped a misleading title on an old article to ruin Aquino. Be cautious of the articles posted by newstrendph. You might just be reading fake articles or genuine articles with a wrong, malicious title.

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