Marcos’ ‘small’ coffin left netizens wondering if his body was really buried at LNMB

Several people are still baffled with numerous questions pertaining to the small casket that was buried last Friday, November 18, at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was executed in such a rush and under great secrecy that a lot of individuals are wondering as to whether his remains were truly buried inside the casket.

Twitter user Kathy (@WoolbrightKathy) tagged the official accounts of Imee and Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. with her tweet asking, “I am not against [the] burial but can we just stop the lies about [the] wooden child coffin… was President Marcos buried earlier?”

Kristine Lae Berongoy (@laedberongoy) had similar sentiments, “I’m still wondering what’s inside Marcos’ coffin in his burial earlier,” complete with crying emojis.

Some other guesses made by users against the burial were: “Too narrow and small. No body? Just bones?” (tammybbanate, @thebabblebee); “The casket is also [probably] loaded with Marcos family’s conscience. It looks empty.” (Val Gravy, @valgraveeee)


On Friday, a GMA News report revealed that the supposed preserved body of Marcos still remains at the Ferdinand E. Marcos Presidential Center in Batac City, Ilocos Norte during the time of the burial.

Come Saturday, however, the mausoleum was closed despite the numerous tourists who flock to see his remains.

Jun Gudoy, a media officer for Imee Marcos, clarified that the wax figure was actually a replacement in order to prevent the Ilocanos from panicking.

“The wax figure there was actually a decoy,” he cleared. “The body was no longer there on Friday. They put another one as a decoy so people won’t notice and cause panic.”


Gudoy also explained that this ploy was not intended to cause confusion but a means to comply with the Marcoses wish to hold a “private and simple” burial.

Secretary-General of the National Union of People’s Lawyers Edre Olalia’s opinion on the matter: “Given the dictator and his family’s penchant for lies, deception and chicanery, as if it were second nature to them, it won’t be surprising if such a bizarre idea turns out to be true.”

He reminds the people, “But that is not the point. Regardless what is in there, what the tyrant’s family wanted was the symbolism and message that they are squeaky clean and would want to complete their political rehabilitation and historical revisionism.”

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