Busted: Leni is not wearing yellow due to wardrobe limitations, not a sign of disloyalty to LP 

When asked after the proclamation whether she was making a statement with her non-yellow outfit during the proclamation, Robredo said she wasn’t.

Leni not Wearing Yellow

“Nagkataon lang dadalawa lang ang damit kong dilaw. Maraming-marami akong shirt na dilaw pero ‘yung damit na pwedeng i-opisina, dalawa lang,” Robredo said during a press conference after the proclamation.

Robredo added that even during her time as a congresswoman, she rarely wore a yellow dress at the Batasan because she only had two dresses of the said color. She also said that she tries to stay away from colors that would make her look darker, though she made an exception during the campaign period.


Far from making a statement with her recent choices of dress colors, Robredo said that she is not really fashion conscious and just wears whatever is available in her closet.

Instead of leaving the party, Robredo said that she and the other members will talk about her role in LP as the member holding the highest position in the government – whether she’ll play a titular or leadership role.

Despite the dwindling number of the party’s membership as some members have jumped ship, Robredo said that she hopes the remaining members will remember what LP stands for.

Whatever color Robredo will choose to wear in the future, it is good to know that she remains loyal to her party.

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