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Busted: Even Zuckerberg didn’t escape Duterte supporters’ editing powers

Have you heard the latest buzz from the office of the incoming chief of President Communications’ Office Martin Andanar that Facebook is eyeing to cover President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s June 30 inauguration via live streaming?

Andanar told ANC’s Headstart that officials from the social media giant are coming to the country to discuss Duterte’s upcoming inauguration.

He added that the social networking site helped Duterte gain media coverage during the election campaign and said that he wanted to stream live videos of Duterte’s future briefings on Facebook.

This is good news for the Filipinos who wanted to have access to Duterte’s simple and small inauguration with a very limited guest list.

In fact, Duterte’s supporters are flaunting this as a win over mainstream media, who were previously boycotted by the incoming president from interviewing him during his term.


This particular Facebook post read:

“Be Ready on June 30, 2016!!!

The dominant role of mainstream media as the primary gatekeepers of news and information in the Philippines took another big hit as social media giant Facebook has offered to live stream the inauguration of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to its more than 40 million users in the country.

The entry of Facebook into the inaugural picture brings to full circle Pre. Elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte unlikely path to the Philippine Presidency. A journey that would have been cut short if not for his millions supporters on social media.

From the moment the name of the erstwhile Davao City mayor was mentioned as a possible candidate for President, Filipinos from all walks of life took to social media to voice their ardent – some would even say rabid – support.”

While this is true, based on Andanar’s interview with ANC’s Headstart, the problem is that the accompanying photo of this Facebook post is totally edited.


Why could the supporters not have left the article with a relevant but relevant photo? Or why could they have not simply posted unedited photos of Duterte and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg?

As it turned out, one commenter kept pointing out how edited the photo is by attaching the original photo.

Just look at the comparison between the original and edited photos. We’ll give it to the editor, though. Putting Zuckerberg’s head on Senator Alan Peter Cayetano’s head looks pretty seamless in here, making it look more realistic.Mark-Zuckerberg_DuCayWhile news about Facebook live streaming for Duterte’s inauguration is real, Duterte’s photo with Zuckerberg is not!

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