Busted: Journo Carmen Pedrosa shares another fake news about PH being ‘most reformed country’ under Duterte

Journalist Carmen Pedrosa shared a fake article claiming that the Philippines ranked as the “most reformed country” since President Rodrigo Duterte rose to power.

Carmen Pedrosa Shares Fake News

The article may appear as though it came from BBC, but those who are familiar with the news site would know that their URL is, not


When we clicked on the link that Pedrosa shared, we found out that the web page was taken down.

Carmen Pedrosa Shares Fake News

Even those who commented on her post pointed out that what she was sharing was a hoax.

Carmen Pedrosa Shares Fake News

Pedrosa has been quite vocal about supporting Duterte. This is why a fellow Duterte supporter, a certain Orion Perez D, called on their fellow supporters to beware of “fake ‘feel-good’ news.”

Carmen Pedrosa Shares Fake News

We have actually busted this fake story before, when it was first shared by Duterte appointee, PEZA chief Charito “Ching” Plaza in October 2016.


Most parts of the article was a copy from a US News article about “Countries with the Best Quality of Life.” However, whoever wrote it tried to put it in a twist to make it seem like it is praising Duterte’s administration.

You can read more about our bust at “Busted: New PEZA chief shares fake news about PH being ‘most reformed country’ since Duterte’s presidency.”

This is the second time we have caught Pedrosa sharing fake news. The first time we busted her was when a netizen posted a screenshot of her sharing the false story about Senator Leila De Lima buying a $6 million mansion in New York. The address of the said mansion turned out to be the location of Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum. You can also read more about this bust at “Busted: Columnist Carmen Pedrosa shared fake news about De Lima buying NY mansion.”

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