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Busted: Jackie Chan made a movie about Duterte? Fake news alert!

Articles claiming that famous actor, martial artist, and comedian Jackie Chan made a movie about President Rodrigo Duterte are circulating on social media once again.
Several Facebook pages acting as support and fan pages for Duterte have been sharing articles bearing the title “Panoorin: NAKAKAPROUD! Jackie Chan Gumawa ng Movie Tungkol kay Pres. Duterte!” Some pages, such as “Bangon Pilipinas” and “Social Media PH,” both using Duterte’s photo in their profile photos, even had their posts shared thousands of times.

Other pages also had their hundreds of shares, such as “Duterte News Global,” “Sara Duterte Supporters,” “Solid Duterte Supporters,” “Astig Duterte Supporters,” “Pres. Duterte Para sa Tunay na Pagbabago,” “Duterte News,” “President Duterte Loyal Supporters,” “Ako Ang Media Ni Duterte,” and more.

These pages shared articles from blogs such as,,,,, and more.

When we clicked on one of the blog links, we found an over a minute-long YouTube video narrated by what seemed like a robotic voice.

The narrator said that Chan has completed his movie inspired by Duterte’s first 100 days as Philippine president, which is being prepared for its Hollywood premiere come Christmas Day and its Philippine premiere on New Year’s Day. He further said that the movie, titled “First 100 Days,” will show some of Duterte’s photos and audio clips since he was not present during the filming. Chan and his crew were even said to have planned for a secret trip to the Philippines and to Duterte’s house to know more about the president and his administration’s war on drugs.

The narrator even cited one of its sources as
But we already busted the stories involving Chan’s alleged movie inspired by Duterte back in 2016. We called out the fake news with our article “Busted: Jackie Chan wants to make a movie based on Duterte? Fake news alert!” and its follow-up article, “Busted: Jackie Chan-Duterte movie “100 Days” to have a Christmas premiere in Hollywood? Hoax alert!” It turned out the latter, which originated from, was the same source of the story narrated in the YouTube video that has recently been shared by Duterte support pages on Facebook. is a fake news site that is still surprisingly up. The story has published a lot of fake stories about the Philippines, with some even pushing negative articles about Duterte, such as those claiming that the Philippine president got out of the United Nations to start a killing spree and turn a city into a cemetery, that he wanted to subject all Filipinos to drug testing and kill those who would test positive, and that the ICC has decided to have him arrested over extrajudicial killings.

Unfortunately, many Filipinos fell for the fake story. They even thanked Chan for “making Filipinos proud” after he made a move based on Duterte’s presidency and expressed their pride in Duterte as well,

Now, Chan has become their ultimate idol, even describing as “loding lodi.”

Some are even looking forward to watching the movie this Christmas.

Chan is not the first Hollywood actor that was featured in fake stories that forcibly linked them to President Duterte. We bunked stories about Arnold Schwarzenegger hailing Duterte’s success and him calling Duterte a “real starring fighter,” Matt Damon describing the Philippine president as the “last man standing,” and Angelina Jolie hoping the America will find a Duterte to stop illegal drugs, among others.

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