Busted: Jackie Chan-Duterte movie “100 Days” to have a Christmas premiere in Hollywood? Hoax alert!

Do you still remember that hoax about Jackie Chan allegedly “begging” President Rodrigo Duterte to use the story behind his first 100 days as the President of the Philippines in the actor’s next movie? The fake news makers even have a title for the fake movie – “100 Days.” We busted that with “Busted: Jackie Chan wants to make a movie based on Duterte? Fake news alert!


But it seems like the fake news makers were not content with the story about Chan using Duterte’s first three months in office for his movie. They made another hoax about Chan finally making that movie and having it premiere in Hollywood on Christmas Day and in Manila, Philippines on New Year’s Eve.

The hoax article claimed that a source said Duterte’s images were even featured in the movie.

“Duterte was featured. He wasn’t on set with us but we obtained still photos and audio visuals from various media houses,” the source was quoted saying.


All these claims are completely made-up. Yet, when it was shared on Facebook by the page “Morning Café on KKTV,” people still reacted to it. Many Filipino commenters even commented on the post, expressing how delighted they are with the “news.”

Jackie Chan Duterte Movie

The article source is a website called Upon checking its other articles, we found that it has published several fake articles.

Jackie Chan Duterte Movie
Jackie Chan Duterte Movie

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