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Busted: INC Denies Duterte Endorsement, Vows to File Charges Against Letter Forger

The influential religious sect is known for its estimated bloc-voting power of at least 1 million votes. This is why their approval has been sought by the presidential and vice presidential candidates.

But when  reached out to INC spokesperson Edwil Zabala, he said that “the letter is not from Brother Eduardo Manalo.

The signature, then, turned out to be fake, which is why Zabala added that they will find the source of the fraudulent letter and forger and file charges against them.


“The moment we identify the person/s responsible for this fraudulent letter containing the forged signature of Brother Eduardo Manalo, we will charge them in court.”

On Friday, April 29, there were also rumors about the INC endorsing vice presidential bet Bongbong Marcos, but it also turned out to be simply rumors.

Whoever the INC endorses, it would be best to simply wait for an official word from the religious organization’s officials instead of forging letters and spreading false information. Below is a copy of the said fake endorsement.

Fraudulent INC Letter

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